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Tattoo Healing Process

Posted by kenchill. Lifestyle

Well, it is exactly 1 week since I have done my tattoo (well, to be exact, 7 days and 1 hour) and it is healing nicely partly thanks to the Rosken Dry Skin Cream which the tattoo studio 642-902  recommended (and which I immediately bought at the nearby pharmacy for about RM12). The dry skin on the cactus and the upper roots area it has totally dropped off, and there you can see it in all it’s glory!


My 3rd Tattoo

Posted by kenchill. Lifestyle

I managed to get my 3rd tattoo done yesterday at Black Cat Tattoo studio. The studio is located at the Asian Avenue (top floor) at Sunway Pyramid.

The design of the tattoo was inspired by the lightning bolt tattoo on Mike Vallely’s arm. Ah_mei helped out on the inner tattoo design in which she added a lightning striking towards the ground, shattering it. She then ran it through an image editing program where a gradient was added and after I saw the gradient and color tones, the decision to make the tattoo was sealed.

I then changed the lightning strike design into a lone cactus standing in the desert and the cracks in the ground was changed into the roots of the cactus. This turned the picture into a cross section of a desert

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