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The first Sony Alpha Pro Shop was launched on the 9th of January 2010. It is in fact, Studio Zaloon (which was already open for business several months ago), operated by Uncle Chin, a name he is more commonly referred to as by the members of the Alphanatics forum.

Studio Zaloon was already popular with users of the Sony Alpha DSLR system, as his shop caters to and stocks loads to A-mount lenses and also Sony Alpha accessories. You can get Tamron and Sigma lenses for the Sony Alpha there, usually ready in stock or by orders (which takes only a few days to get to his shop).


Studio Zaloon will be the first official Sony Alpha Pro-Shop and it will host it’s official opening ceremony on the 9th of January 2010 at 11am. The shop has been in business for quite a while already, focusing on Sony Alpha cameras and accessories. For the launch, the interior has been renovated and revamped to give it a proper ‘Pro Shop’ look and feel.

The shop is located at UB1, Ground Floor of Pudu Plaza. To get to Pudu Plaza, just get onto Jalan Pudu and turn into Jalan Pasar. Once you are at Jalan Pasar, you can take the first left and just drive down past the schools. Alternatively, you can come from behind of Berjaya Times Square and just drive downwards to Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah, making your way to Jalan Brunei and then Jalan Kijang.

Check out the map for reference.

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There will be door gifts, lucky draw and also a photo competition where you can net a cash voucher if you win!


Finally after waiting for slightly more than 1 month, the Peleng 8mm/f3.5 circular fisheye lens has arrived!

My initial plan was to get the Sony SAL16F28 16mm/f2.8 fisheye lens which, according to the salesman at a camera shop in Sungei Wang was around RM2,400 – RM2,600. Not bad, considering the RRP is RM3,600. Before I managed to save that amount of money, I plonked whatever cash I had on the Minolta 50mm/f1.7.

Anyway, the idea of getting the fisheye lens was still lingering around. After some research on the internet, I came across a few other alternatives. They were the Sigma 15mm/f2.8, Zenitar 15mm/f2.8 and the Peleng 8mm/f3.5 circular fisheye


The Sony Alpha Convention was held at the Le Meridien Hotel at KL Sentral over the weekend and over 400 participants attended the event.

There were talks and seminars, buffet lunches, free gifts, models and bikes, product showcase and competitions. And you could mingle with all the other Sony Alpha users and test out their gear and get poisoned yourself.

I will write another post to cover that event soon, but for now I will be talking about a new blog I created for the Blog and Win Competition held alongside the convention.


First Pics on my A300

Posted by supaa_dry. Makan, Photography

It seems that kenchill was a lot faster to write about my new camera than I was… But since I’m so in luuurrveee with my new camera I just have to write about it too!

I got my camera early last week and kenchill, ah_mei and sitihawadingin and I went to the Section 14 bazaar Ramadan to test it out as well as buy some goodies for buka puasa.


Another A300

Posted by kenchill. Photography, Products

We welcome another member of our blog, supaa_dry into the Sony Alpha DSLR user group! As soon as kumbang got his own Sony Alph A300 DSLR camera, supaa_dry could not resist the temptation and bought one for himself as well.

So far so good, and it seems that supaa_dry’s dad was once a Minolta SLR user as well. From the SLR camera he acquired from his dad, it seems that it was from the pre-auto focus generation


This lens is long! It becomes even longer after you attach the hood. At this length, it looks like a telescope and it makes you feel that the zoom length is more than the actual 210mm.

After attaching the lens (up to you if you want to attach the hood), you wil have to hold your camera with both hands, with the left hand supporting the lens. You can hold the camera with only your right hand while previewing photos but definitely not while taking photos, this lens is heavy and long. It will really strain your right hand.


We just got back kumbang‘s lenses from Albert Cheah of Cheah Camera Repair. It was fast as well. He managed to service 2 of our lenses in 1 week. Not that we were rushing, we couldn’t collect it if he finished servicing them faster as we work 9-6 jobs and he closes shop at 7pm on weekdays. He is open on Saturdays from 10am – 5pm and closed on Sundays.

You can call him on his mobile at 012-6679756 or better still, visit his shop at Complex Mutiara, Jalan Ipoh. His shop is located on the 1st floor, Lot 15 (568-1-15). It’s just beside the Digicolor ( shop, once you see Digicolor (heck, they sell a lot of stuff at good prices!), head towards it and walk into the lorong. To get to Complex Mutiara, just use Jalan Kuching and head towards Jalan Ipoh. When you get to the roundabout


Sony Alpha A300

Posted by kenchill. Photography, Products

Well, after a month I bought my Sony Alpha A200 (original post here:, Sony reduced the prices of the Alpha range by about RM300 for each model. It didn’t affect me that much as I got my A200 at a very reduced price. Anyway, after the price reduction, kumbang who was initially interested in getting an Alpha after I bought mine (and finding out that his old Minolta lenses could fit and work perfectly on the Alpha cameras) finally bought one. At a special price


First it was announced that the registration for the convention will be opened today at 9am. Alphanatics ( forumers jammed the forum from 8.30am up till 10.30am where George (Sony α Brand Manager) finally posted a message on the thread stating that registration will start at 9pm due to a typo.

Everyone went amok and went back to work without anymore distractions on the convention registration. Everyone could buka puasa happily until 9pm. At 8.55pm, George posted

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!