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The Battle Protocol is SevenCollar T-shirt’s second (hmm, well, I think it’s their second anyway) concert at a performing arts theater/hall. It was held on the 21st and 22nd of May 2010 at the KL Performing Arts Center (KLPAC) at Sentul. Their first one was held way back in 2007 at The Actor’s Studio.

Veterans of the local music scene, SevenCollar T-Shirt (will be referred to SCTS from now onwards) has just recently released their 3rd album, which is titled The Great Battle and this event is partly to promote the album (hence the similarities in the naming theme). The Great Battle has the trademark SCTS unique sounding guitar lines, haunting ambience, and Duan’s draggish vocals.


SevenCollar T-shirt will be performing at the KL Performing Arts Center (KLPAC) this coming 21st & 22nd May 2010. Concert starts at 8.30pm on both days and tickets will cost RM33 presale, and RM43 a the door. They will be performing songs from their latest album The Great Battle and also some songs from their previous albums (Drones).

You can purchase the tickets online via Axcess at:

Follow their Twitter ( or visit their MySpace ( for more information.


This is the second part of the 2-part coverage. Check out the coverage of the Indie and Chillout stage here: The heavy afternoon rain forced most of us to take shelter in the media tent, foregoing performances by bands such as Blind Tribe (they were playing when the rain started, and continued playing), Saturnine, Yuna and Disagree.

There was the usual local clothing labels around the venue, this on in particular, the newer Envelove, who stocks the famous Badger (from Bandung, Indonesia) brand.

Republic of Brickfields is no stranger to the local music scene and is a staple band at the Rock The World series (no Koffin Kanser this year though). Recently, they opened for Search at Mon’t Kiara and today, they had a real surprise in store for fans.


Forty Winks

SevenCollar T-shirt launched their latest album at Cloth & Clef on the 11th of November 2009. Hmm, the event only started at 10.40pm despite stating 9pm on the flyers. Bad bad. Forty Winks was the first band to play, but everyone was sitting down, even after being asked to stand up and dance.


Prana, a band which was establish a long time ago made an appearance that night, intact with all the original band members. Their friends and supporters were evident in the crowd. They did play quite a lot of their early material, which included “The Bird Song“, one of my favorites.


Rockaway 2009

Rockaway 2009 continued into the evening with Cassandra, another band serving up heavy metal to the hungry crowd, providing them with more reasons to mosh. Catch part 1 of Rockaway 2009 here




Laguna Music Series

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Laguna Music Series

Laguna Music are organising their very own ‘Laguna Music Series‘ and the first one will kick off at Urban Attic, Capsquare this coming Thursday, 4th June 2009. If you attend, you will be able to catch Pure Vibracion, SevenCollar T-Shirt, Forty Winks and Yuna live, all for free!

Yes, free is good. Oh and it starts from 9pm all the way till midnight.

And wake up up the next day for work.

For more information, head to


In case you missed out part 1, it’s here:

Ben's Bitches

Ben's Bitches

Ben’s Bitches performed an amazing set which wowed the crowd with songs such as Pensil Besar, Peter the Pirate and also The Cha Cha Ska of Amber Chia. Jin Hackman came up on stage to do a collaboration with them for one song, and for another one song, a female fan was called up on stage to help with the vocals.

Ben's Bitches


Eclectic Dreams: The Showcase

The showcase will be held on 22nd May at Attack! Attack! Studio, starting from 9pm. Given Path will be the opening act, followed by performances from Couple and Seven Collar T-shirt.

Attack! Attack! Studio is located at:
2nd Floor,
Bangunan Yusmah,
Tanjung Chat,
Kota Bharu

For more info on Attack! Attack! Studio, visit their MySpace at

This event is organised by Gegey Music (


Fly FM held their 3rd anniversary birthday bash at Central Park, 1Utama this year. They also held their 2nd anniversary at the same venue last year (of which I attended as well). They were nice enough to provide me with some media passes, allowing me to venture around all areas around the stage and the VIP area as well.

This event is also sponsored by Magnum, and there were those blow up bangers which had Magnum branding on them as well. Security this year was also helped out by


This event was held at Zouk. We arrived at 2:45pm but there were still a whole bunch of people waiting outside. As usual, Malaysian standard time was in effect so we waited outside as well.

Be sure to give way to the Perodua Xfresh street surfers if you see them on the road. They are giving great support to our local music scene. As patriotic as you can see they already stick Malaysia flag way before Merdeka day.

Met our friend, Haniff, and he told us that this is the first time their gig got delayed but will be starting soon. There”s some booth selling T-shirt as usual, but this time we also saw some monster-like toys selling booth. Too bad for kenchill as he

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!