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We went to Ruums to attend the Levis 501 Live Unbuttoned event right after the Xfresh X-gig (read more here: in Zouk. We saw the media registration desk and registered ourselves to get some media passes. After registration, the PR girls gave us some freebies and VIP tags instead of just mere media passes.


So, at around 9:45pm the emcee announced that Hujan was coming up next and the dance area which was empty from the beginning of the event was immediately filled up.

No prizes for guessing, it was obviously filled up with Hujan fans. I was there to, packing up my things at the VIP area upstairs and rushing downstairs to join the crowd at the dance floor. Band members started coming out with AG and Dukegong setting up their effects pedals and their guitars. Heck, Dukegong has a really nice shiny effects pedal cluster (for a bass player that is). And Dukegong has cut off


Instead of arriving at 3pm as stated on the flyers, I left my house at about 3.30pm and arrived at approximately 3.45pm.

Parking was easily found at the nearby parking lot, RM4.00 per entry. So, I made my way up the steps and I could see people gathering below the escalator and I thought to myself, ‘Heck, the event still haven’t started’. ‘Standard lah Malaysian gigs’, was what the guy who was selling the tickets told me. He even told me that it will start ‘in a while’. We ended up waiting until 4.40pm before the doors were opened and people were allowed in. As I neared the entrance, I could hear a band which sounds like Deja Voodoo Spells already playing.


Butterfingers Kembali

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That is the title of the next Butterfingers album slated to launch this July (06/07/08). That is quite a while to go. But fret not, they are back in KL and are out to gig in full force! Every weekend of May in fact. Here’s some of the events that they will be playing in KL (and of which I am going to attend as well).

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!