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Rock The World number 11, or Rock The World Adrenaline as it was called this year round, was held INSIDE Stadium Merdeka on the 10th of December 2011. There were clothing and accessories booths outside the stadium, together with then Open Mic Stage. Hmm, I figured out that the booths should be placed inside the stadium as there would be more traffic inside as compared to outside. Inside the stadium, there were the sponsor’s booths and also food/drinks stalls.


Here comes Rock The World again, and this time around, it will be called Rock The World Adrenaline, as opposed to year or number. As usual, it will be a full day affair, this time around, with more sideshows and activities involved. Following the trend of the Urbanscapes style, there will be merchandise/clothing booths all around to satisfy your shopping pleasure/needs.


This is the second part of the 2-part coverage. Check out the coverage of the Indie and Chillout stage here: The heavy afternoon rain forced most of us to take shelter in the media tent, foregoing performances by bands such as Blind Tribe (they were playing when the rain started, and continued playing), Saturnine, Yuna and Disagree.

There was the usual local clothing labels around the venue, this on in particular, the newer Envelove, who stocks the famous Badger (from Bandung, Indonesia) brand.

Republic of Brickfields is no stranger to the local music scene and is a staple band at the Rock The World series (no Koffin Kanser this year though). Recently, they opened for Search at Mon’t Kiara and today, they had a real surprise in store for fans.


Rock The World 9 was held at the Bukit Jalil Stadium Carpark on the 26th of December 2009, or also known as Boxing Day. The event was originally supposed to be held at Sunway Lagoon on the 19th of December, but things did not go as planned, hence the venue and date change.

If you might have noticed from the event flyers section, the Radio Rosak Grand Finale was also supposed to be held on the same day, but at Stadium Negara instead. It also faced some nasty hiccups along the way and had to postponed instead. From what I heard, it is scheduled to be held sometime during in March 2010.

Ray Gaban and Haniff of XFM taking control of the Indie Stage

In this part, I will concentrate on some of the bands which performed at the Indie and Chillout stage, the smaller stages at this year’s Rock The World event. The Indie Stage started out earlier in the morning, at around 11am, with Kyoto Protocol taking the honors of being the first band to perform.

You can check out the Main Stage coverage here:


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Finally, Rock The World is back again! For all I thought, KAMI The Concert at Bukit Jalil was the killer concert this year, but Rock The World 8 is just around the corner, just one month away!


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