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After 3 long years of gigging and recording, Pesawat finally managed to get all their tracks recorded and mixed into an album. Their debut album, aptly titled Take Off, was launched at Lot 10 2 months back. The album features 13 songs, of which half of it is sung in Bahasa Malaysia and the other half is sung in English.

The album opens up with the captain speaking on the intro track, ‘Take Off’, and you will be brought ears-first, into Pesawat’s style of music with Brand New Day. It has all the characteristics of a ‘Pesawat song’. Catchy intro, feet tapping and hand clapping beat, and then Jipie’s signature singing style. Excuse Me is another song, which will make you tap your feet, or jump to the beat, very ‘The Killers‘ kinda feel mixed in with Pesawat’s musical style.


Pesawat will be having their debut album showcase at Lot 10 this coming 30th of July 2011. Show starts at 4pm, be there and stand a chance to win their new album titled, Take Off! Show is FREE!


A very familiar name to gig-goers, Pesawat, has finally launched their debut album, titled Take Off on the 14th of July. The album launch took place at a very interesting venue, which was at the YES Flagship store at Lot 10 Shopping Center.

After 3 years of gigging and performing at many concerts around Malaysia, the Pesawat boys have gathered their material from their very first single, Mirage and put them together in a nicely packaged album. According to them, they are shaping and branding themselves around an ‘aircraft’ theme, as with their aircraft-inspired band name – Pesawat.


This is the second part of the 2-part coverage. Check out the coverage of the Indie and Chillout stage here: The heavy afternoon rain forced most of us to take shelter in the media tent, foregoing performances by bands such as Blind Tribe (they were playing when the rain started, and continued playing), Saturnine, Yuna and Disagree.

There was the usual local clothing labels around the venue, this on in particular, the newer Envelove, who stocks the famous Badger (from Bandung, Indonesia) brand.

Republic of Brickfields is no stranger to the local music scene and is a staple band at the Rock The World series (no Koffin Kanser this year though). Recently, they opened for Search at Mon’t Kiara and today, they had a real surprise in store for fans.


Catch Part 1 and Part 2 as well.



More hardcore action for the night as Restraint continued the event. I don’t know whether there was a circle pit going as requested by the vocalist, but I was sure of constant moshing during Restraint’s set. The stage lighting was fully turned on and I could snap brighter and more vivid pictures to fully reflect the mood of the event.



Search Di Awan Biru

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The final leg of the Konsert Penghargaan Search will be held at the Mon’t Kiara Equestrian Park on the 1st of August 2009. Even the line up of opening bands are superb with Zip Zieller, Pesawat, REVENGE and Republic of Brickfields opening for Search. Ah, more REVENGE sweetness!

The schedule for the event will be:

4.00pm: REVENGE
4.50pm: Pesawat
5.40pm: Zip Zieller
6.30pm: Republic of Brickfields
7.30pm: Break
8.45pm: Search
12midnight: End

It looks like each opening band will have more than 30 minutes of show time, and heck, Search will have at least 2 hours for themselves!

You can get more information from the official website atĀ from the the Celcom mini siteĀ

Our coverage here:


Homegrown Space

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Bentley Music

The Deserters

Back in the month of May, there were weekly events at the auditorium of Wisma Bentley organised by Homegrown Productions ( One of them was the Homegrown Space which featured performances by local music acts. I had the chance to attend the show held on the second weekend which featured Forty Winks, The Deserters, Pesawat, Bittersweet, Hello Is This The Band and Seven.

Forty Winks

Forty Winks started the show with their dose of ska music. The venue was dark, air conditioned and carpetted, which led to people sitting down and relaxing while listening to the music. Of course, the front of the stage was where the action was with small bunch of people dancing to the music.


XFM’s 6th XGig was held at Rum Jungle, Ipoh on the 22nd of November 2008. Rum Jungle is located at the car park of The Lost World of Tambun, at Sunway City Ipoh. I was invited by Loy of XFM to tag along and also to take some photographs of the event.

The event was scheduled to start at 2pm but the crowd came slightly earlier despite the hot sun shining brightly through the clear skies. The Street Surfers were giving away


The second leg of the X-Gig installment will starting at Ipoh this time! It will be held at Rum Jungle (Sunway City Ipoh) on the 22nd of November 2008.

Featured Bands:
Free Love
plus other open session bands

Venue: Rum Jungle, Sunway City Ipoh
Date: 22 November 2008
Time: 2pm – 6pm
Tickets: Free

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