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Malaysian Band Unplugged

After successfully organising the Butterfingers’ Sesi Istana Budaya earlier this year, Ready Steady Go Events are back again with Malaysian Bands Unplugged Live at Istana Budaya, with OAG as the showcase band.

As with the Butterfingers’ Sesi Istana Budaya, this event have several sessions. There will be a 3.00pm and 8.30pm session on the 18th of April and a singleĀ  3pm session on the 19th of April. OAG will be playing in all of the sessions and each session will last about 90 minutes.


Joe - Pure Vibracion

The evening continued with Pure Vibracion, spitting out their reggae tunes, which included the English chart topping (on HitzFM) song, Mi Gal. Flag bearing was of course there, this time a blue Malaysians for Peace one, instead of the usual red, green, yellow Pure Vibracion flag.

Liyana and Joe - Pure Vibracion

There were backup singers for songs, but at one point, Liyana Fizi of Estrella


First and foremost, before you start wasting your time reading this post, I would just like to say that this event was a total disaster. It was a total waste of time and money to anyone who paid RM38/RM45 for the tickets. It was a pure letdown to everyone, audience and band members (especially Steven & CoconutTreez who flew all the way down to play for us)


If you haven”t read Part 1, check it out here:

The organisers were kind enough to give us a t-shirt inside the media pack. The t-shirt has the Music Against Racism graphic printed on the front with the tag line One Love, One Heart, One Nation and is manufactured by crazeecausa (I think it is pronounced as crazy-kow-sa).


Do check out Part 1 ( and Part 2 ( first.

The Times took stage right after Bittersweet’s rendition of the Hari Raya song. They started off with Singapura Ke Kuala Lumpur, a crowd favorite, taken from their latest album, Modern Minimalist Glamour. They chugged through the night, churning out Khayal Khayalan, Tunjuk Perasaan and also the title track from the same album.

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!