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Baybeats 2009 was held at the Esplanade at Singapore over the Merdeka weekend (August 28th – 30th). I managed to get down there to check it out, all 3 days of it.

Crowdsurfing credit Weilong (Large)

(Image credit to Weilong)

Well, the first thing I was glad about is that the Singaporean crowd was awesome. Bands after bands, they were supporting them and mosh pits were always there in the Powerhouse stage. For the first night, I managed to arrive just as Estranged started playing and there were a lot of people singing to Estranged songs. To top it all off, Rich started Aurora with an acoustic guitar before the rest of the guys joined in with full force.

estranged credit Ivan Neo (Large)

(Image credit to Ivan Neo)

The timing for the stages was quite good as they allowed 30 minutes for each band to setup after the previous band performed. This of course, overlapped with the other stages and people could go to another stage to catch another performer while waiting for their favorite act to setup.



Homegrown paid its tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson by holding a 2 hour tribute on the 7th of August at the Audition Hall at Wisma Bentley. The free concert featured 11 local acts of various genres each performing a different Michael Jackson song in the performer’s individual style and flavor.


It was a well staged event with 400 guests of all walks of life attending. No, this wasn’t your average rock gig. Parents came with children, artists and singers, VIPs, music fans, and everyone in between. The spread of the H1N1 virus was taken into consideration and temperature checks were conducted just before entering the auditorium.

Sarah Lian & Qi

The event started at 8.30pm with hosts Qi and local beauty Sarah Lian.  The first act of the day was Asian Percussion Unit and they performed a medley of Shake Your Body & Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough through their unique beats and variety of instruments.


Catch Part 1 and Part 2 as well.



More hardcore action for the night as Restraint continued the event. I don’t know whether there was a circle pit going as requested by the vocalist, but I was sure of constant moshing during Restraint’s set. The stage lighting was fully turned on and I could snap brighter and more vivid pictures to fully reflect the mood of the event.



In case you missed out part 1, it’s here:

Ben's Bitches

Ben's Bitches

Ben’s Bitches performed an amazing set which wowed the crowd with songs such as Pensil Besar, Peter the Pirate and also The Cha Cha Ska of Amber Chia. Jin Hackman came up on stage to do a collaboration with them for one song, and for another one song, a female fan was called up on stage to help with the vocals.

Ben's Bitches


Do check out Part 1 ( and Part 2 ( first.

The Times took stage right after Bittersweet’s rendition of the Hari Raya song. They started off with Singapura Ke Kuala Lumpur, a crowd favorite, taken from their latest album, Modern Minimalist Glamour. They chugged through the night, churning out Khayal Khayalan, Tunjuk Perasaan and also the title track from the same album.


This event was held at Zouk. We arrived at 2:45pm but there were still a whole bunch of people waiting outside. As usual, Malaysian standard time was in effect so we waited outside as well.

Be sure to give way to the Perodua Xfresh street surfers if you see them on the road. They are giving great support to our local music scene. As patriotic as you can see they already stick Malaysia flag way before Merdeka day.

Met our friend, Haniff, and he told us that this is the first time their gig got delayed but will be starting soon. There”s some booth selling T-shirt as usual, but this time we also saw some monster-like toys selling booth. Too bad for kenchill as he


Xfresh X-Gig

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Xfresh X-Gig is going to be held at Zouk this 23rd August and it’s free! So bring your friends and join the fun as Love Me Butch, SevenCollar T-Shirt, The Times, and Butterfingers will be playing!

Venue: Zouk, KL
Date: 23rd August 2008
Time: 2pm – 6pm
Tickets: FREE

More information:

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!