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Yes Artist of the Month for February are Liyana Fizi and The Azenders. Catch them live at the ground floor of Lot 10, 18th February 2011 from 3.00pm – 4.30pm. Entrance is FREE!


No Black Tie Proudly Presents… Liyana Fizi
9.30pm // 6 Feb // RM30

Liyana Fizi is best known as a singer/songwriter who performs a distinctly poetic and melodic acoustic tunes tinged with a mix of folk and bossa. She is no stranger to the scene, having launched her  CCNA 200-120 debut solo album (‘Between The Lines’) in September and performed in various gigs and venues in town.

Since her album launch, Liyana also performed around the region and at various festivals, including Kickfest in Bandung (Oct), Hello ASEAN 2011 in Bali (Nov), Richard Marx’s World Tour in Genting (Dec), and at Penang Island Jazz Festival (Dec).


Liyana Fizi‘s album launch showcase was held in the Bentley Music Auditorium on the 11th of September. A wear-stripes-theme fits the “Between the Lines” album launch perfectly!

Before the showcase, the audience was treated to supporting acts. We first saw Narmi on stage belting out soothing songs accompanied by samba-like drums. Tenderfist was up next performing three to 220-802 four songs (interesting music arrangement), I never kept track because of one reason: the digital percussionist. He looked like he was having the time of his life, forgetting everything except him and his music, resulting to me having the time of my life observing his expressions! I checked them out on Facebook and they have bizarre names for their CompTIA 220-802 band members. Anyway I found out Napoleon Polarbear is the name of the digital percussionist. Funny!


Singer-songwriter (ah well, singer songwriter musician guitar player) Liyana Fizi recently previewed her solo debut album titled Between The Lines at Bentley Music. Recorded in Bandung, the album features 10 songs (+1 bonus song), sang in both English and Bahasa Malaysia.

The songs on the album are very acoustic-y and smooth, with a jazzy/lounge-ish feel to it. Very suitable for a rainy evening/night, or a relaxing drive around town. The album launch will be on the 11th of September 2011 and will be held at the Bentley Music Auditorium. Entrance is RM35 and you will get a CD as well! Double bang for your buck! For more information on the album launch, click here:

Besides getting released in Malaysia and Indonesia, it has been picked up by a Japanese distributor and will also be released in Tokyo and Kobe! Let’s see if Liyana will actually fly over to Japan to promote her album!


By now, I’m sure most of you out there will know who Liyana Fizi is. If you don’t, here’s a short one for you. Liyana Fizi is a female singer-songwriter who plays the guitar and sings jazzy, lounge and acoustic music with a tinge of bossa-nova. With a very sweet voice to go with it as well.

She was the ex-frontwoman of the now-defunct band, Estrella, which had quite a heavy following in the local music scene when they were around a couple of years back. They also managed to release a self-titled debut album with quite a couple of hits including Stay and Ternyata, among others.


Finally, super-hero singer songwriter Reza Salleh managed to gather up some of his time to record and produce his debut album, Realize. The album launch was of course joined by fellow musicians such as Liyana Fizi, Mia Palencia, Zalina Lee, Hanafi, Melina Williams, Yuna, Isaac Entry, and David Knight, among others. There were also other musicians spotted around the venue, which was The Apartment at KLCC (held on the 26th of November 2010).

Here are some of the photos that night.


Pekan Frinjan 12 was held at Dataran Shah Alam with the theme Efek Rumah Hijau. As usual, there was a host of stalls as well as performances which ranged from bands, solo artists and to poem recitals. The interesting highlight that night was the poem recital from Yang Berhormat Elizabeth Wong (ADUN Bukit Lanjan). Of course, the crowd was also eagerly waiting for the performance by non-other than Shah Alam local sweetheart, Liyana Fizi.

Local indie rock fighter, Mohd Jayzuan (vocalist for Free Love) was also there, promoting his new book (which was to be released the week after), 28 Hari Jurnal Rock n Roll. It’s a small-ish book which describes his 1 month journey across the peninsular Malaysia, across states and into towns, meeting his friends and also his feelings throughout his journey. Get it while it’s hot, and it costs just RM15.


The All-American Rejects

DigiMusic Live was postponed due to Tyson (the vocalist) having an accident but The All-American Rejects did come back to perform after Tyson recovered and they were well rewarded for it.

The event was supposed to be held at Central Park Avenue, 1 Utama but the postponement caused the event to be relocated to the car park of the Bukit Jalil stadium instead. Both venues were good locations for this event but I reckon the Bukit Jalil had the upper hand of being just next to the LRT station (which had extended its operating hours to 12:30am that night).

DigiMusic Live

Approximately 10,000 fans packed the venue that night, some coming even as early as 12 in the afternoon to book the front row location. There was a long snaking line from the entrance of the fenced up crowd area at about 6pm. If you were hungry, you could get some food from the stalls outside, or even inside, as there was a Pizza Hut stall inside.

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