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As promised in the previous Peleng 8mm post (, here is the post on the unboxing of the Peleng 8mm/f3.5 circular fisheye lens parcel which came in all the way from Russia (or maybe it’s from the US of A, considering the parcel box is from USPS) and Miri.


This lens is long! It becomes even longer after you attach the hood. At this length, it looks like a telescope and it makes you feel that the zoom length is more than the actual 210mm.

After attaching the lens (up to you if you want to attach the hood), you wil have to hold your camera with both hands, with the left hand supporting the lens. You can hold the camera with only your right hand while previewing photos but definitely not while taking photos, this lens is heavy and long. It will really strain your right hand.


We just got back kumbang‘s lenses from Albert Cheah of Cheah Camera Repair. It was fast as well. He managed to service 2 of our lenses in 1 week. Not that we were rushing, we couldn’t collect it if he finished servicing them faster as we work 9-6 jobs and he closes shop at 7pm on weekdays. He is open on Saturdays from 10am – 5pm and closed on Sundays.

You can call him on his mobile at 012-6679756 or better still, visit his shop at Complex Mutiara, Jalan Ipoh. His shop is located on the 1st floor, Lot 15 (568-1-15). It’s just beside the Digicolor ( shop, once you see Digicolor (heck, they sell a lot of stuff at good prices!), head towards it and walk into the lorong. To get to Complex Mutiara, just use Jalan Kuching and head towards Jalan Ipoh. When you get to the roundabout


I have been using the Sony Alpha A200 with the kit lens (SAL1870, 3.5-5.6/18-70) for the past 2 months and it did prove to be very useful, especially with the extended 70mm range (instead of the usual 50mm range on other kit lens). The only major gripe with the lens is that the f3.5 only applies when it is at 18mm. 1mm more than that and the f-stop goes higher. No problem indeed, f4 or f5.6 is bearable, thanks to the built-in Image Stabilizer (IS, in Sony terms).

The problem arises when taking indoor pictures with poor lighting especially at concerts and gigs where I can’t get up close and personal to take shots. I have to rely on the zoom and this poses 2 problems. Shaking is multiplied when using zoom and the aperture size. Add the extra shake factor with the

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