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KL Indie Fest 2009

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KL Indie Fest 2009

KL Tower Indie Fest 2009 is the follow up to the first KL Indie Fest 2008 also held at KL Tower. This year’s event will be held on the 3rd and 4th of July 2009, of which, the final day will feature the mega concert with a line up consisting of all the hottest bands at the moment.

KL Indie Fest 2009

An indie art carnival will be held on the first day of the event (3rd July 2009) together with the showcase event. The showcase will feature some up and coming indie bands and starts from 2pm until 8pm. And yes, entrance will be free on the first day for both events.

KL Indie Fest 2009

The mega concert on the 4th of July will set you back RM25 but it will be totally worth it as the line up is great and the whole concert will last from noon till midnight. Yes, 12 hours of music, well minus dinner and prayer times of course.

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If you haven”t read Part 1, check it out here:

The organisers were kind enough to give us a t-shirt inside the media pack. The t-shirt has the Music Against Racism graphic printed on the front with the tag line One Love, One Heart, One Nation and is manufactured by crazeecausa (I think it is pronounced as crazy-kow-sa).


Vain Music Records is organising a gig at KL Tower this coming weekend, November 16 at KL Tower. It will be the same place where the KL Indie Fest ’08 took place a couple of months back.

Music Against Racism, with the tagline, One Love, One Heart, One Nation will feature bands such as OAG, Couple, The Times, The A.C.A.B., and The Aggrobeats, among others. There will be a total of 20 bands performing throughout the day for just RM20


I travelled around several popular locations around Kuala Lumpur and took some photographs using my new Peleng 8mm fisheye lens.

Jalan Sultan Ismail

Jalan Bukit Bintang Intersection


If you haven’t read the first part, do read it first (KL Indie Fest 08 Review Part I).

After dinner, we headed back to KL Tower and managed to get a quick ride up by using the free shuttle service. And yes, as mentioned before, they are training to be Takumi even when driving uphill. If you are walking up to KL Tower via the road, please walk on the pathway and NOT on the road. At the speeds those shuttle vans are going, they either have to avoid you or knock into you, there’s just no time to brake to a sudden stop.

When we reached the venue grounds, we could hear The Times playing. Hmm, shouldn’t it be One Buck Short playing (according to the schedule I managed to check out earlier that day)? Anyway, when we finally got into the concert area, their set ended. So, I hung around waiting for the next band, expecting One Buck Short to turn up, but then, according to the emcees, OAG will be coming up next.


20 bands and 10 hours of performances for only RM25. Where else can you get a better deal? This year’s KL Indie Fest was held at the terrace of the KL Tower. It was quite a change from the normal type of venues such as clubs (Zouk, Ruums, etc) or the Dewan MCPA. This event was proudly organised by Crazeecausa.

The terrace was quite a unique place as it is long (146m in length and about 25m in width, more info here) and the stage was placed right at the end of it, while the KL Tower is right at the beginning of the terrace. Performers from the stage were treated to quite a view, being able to see the crowd on the ground and then KL Tower rising to the top of the sky.


KL Indie Fest ’08

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KL Indie Fest 2008

KL Indie Fest, dedicated to all indie lovers! It’s being held this year at the KL Tower! Make a note in your calendars guys, this event is not to be missed! It features a whole mix of bands who will be playing from afternoon till midnight for only RM25

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