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LOUDNESS recently paid a visit to KL as part of it’s 30th anniversary celebration. Organised by Clockwork Events, the concert was held on the 24th of July at KL Live, which, coincidentally was the same day as the MTV World Stage event (held i-City this year). This was not a problem at all, because the LOUDNESS fans won’t be going anywhere near i-City on that day anyway.

They thronged and packed the venue as early as 5pm, and soon, there was a group of big bikes parked in front of the venue (mostly those Harley kinda bikes, but there were some touring bikes as well). Distance did not discourage the, as fans from Perlis and Johor Bahru (as well as those from neighboring states) came all the way just to attend the concert.


March 5

KUALA LUMPUR: If someone had come up to me ten years ago and told me that Deftones would schedule a tour date here in Malaysia’s capital I would have dismissed the comment as ludicrous. So you could imagine my surprise when my cousin Aaron Camoens, told me that the greatest Nu-Metal band was coming to town. I knew that this was a once in a lifetime experience and decided that ticket prices would not be a deterrent and me along with my younger brother Abel, my cousins Aaron and Sonia decided that we would get the most expensive tickets at RM258 to enjoy a night of heavy metal moshing.

Fans rushing into the entrance when the gates are opened

The band was brought in courtesy of TuneTalk and was set to rock Kuala Lumpur on Valentine’s Day, making it one of the crazier Valentines dates anyone would opt for. I personally headed down to the concert believing that the band would kick the concert off with songs from their latest release, Diamond Eyes.


LMF: The Wild Lazy Tour

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Following the great response of their recent comeback shows in Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau, Hong Kong seminal hip-hop group LMF (or also known as Lazy Mutha Fucka) is set to take KL by storm!

After a lapse of 7 years, the group will be presenting their THE WILD LAZY TOUR concert series to audience in Malaysia.

The organizers of LMF THE WILD LAZY TOUR KL 2010 are excited to announce LMF one night only concert in Kuala Lumpur, the group are bringing their distinctive blend of hip-hop, hardcore rap, metal and funk to the KL Live concert hall on 4th September 2010.


It was not really a battle of Hujan versus Bunkface but it was more of a collaboration between the two local heavy weights. It was a 2 day affair, which was held over the weekend of the 10th and 11th of July 2010 at KL Live.

It was a night of chaos, in a good way, as Hujan and Bunkface took turns to play songs from each others repertoire. Hujan was situated on the left side of the stage while Bunkface were positioned on the right.


After 15 years, Placebo finally make its way to our country (same goes with koRn, in which Jonathan Davis mentioned that it took them ‘15 mother fucking years to finally come over to Malaysia‘ during Sunburst 2009). Well, Metallica are a decade past their 15th anniversary and they still haven’t made it here.

Placebo Live in Kuala Lumpur was organised by Fat Boys and Midas Promotions and was held on the 16th of April 2010 at KL Live.

The concert was slated to start at 8pm, but those who were wanting to get the front row positions arrived as early as 4pm. Nevertheless, it was a sold out crowd at the venue, packing in nearly 4,000 people like sardines at the small-ish KL Live floor. Some got to the top floor, but only at the edges, as the view was blocked.


Zee Avi Live in KL

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The singer-songwriter of hits like Kantoi, Bitter Heart, Honey Bee, Is This the End, and Is That All There Is, will be hitting the stage on 20 March 2010 at KL Live @ 1st Floor, Life Center.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Tickets are going for RM55. Be quick! Online ticketing ends on 19th of March, and after that you will have to pay RM105 for the lower deck tickets. Upper deck tickets are already sold out! The only bummer is that you must have 3D Secured activated on your VISA/Mastercard. No Maybank2u here!


Category Discount Rate** Condition Prices*
Main Hall Upper Deck
Pre-sale 25% with Discount Code
(1st 1,000 sold tix)
RM 55
RM 42.5
Tune Talk Subscribers 15% with Discount Code RM 55
AirAsia Citibank Credit Card Holder 20% with Discount Code RM 55
AirAsia staff 20% with Discount Code RM 55
20% buy 10 tickets or more RM 55

* All prices are inclusive of tax and a RM5 admin fee
** Discount only applies to base price of ticket.
*** Only group purchase discounts are applicable for tix purchase of 10 or more.

There’s also a competition going on where you can win 2 tickets to the concert (plus a Zee Avi CD). All you have to do is snap a picture of item/items that is of great value to you and e-mail it to with the subject “What Would YOU give contest entry“. Competition ends 11.59pm 18 March 2010. Winners (there will be 10 of them) will be announced on the 20th of March.

The catch? You will have to bring the item/items that you snapped and TRADE it for the concert tickets! AHA! So think before you snap. Make sure it is worth less than a Zee Avi CD and 2 concert tickets!

For more information on the competition, visit:

And then, there’s a Twitter Competition, where 5 winners will walk away with 2 tickets and a Zee Avi CD. You will have to follow @redtix (, and twit something that starts with @redtix I wanna go for Zee Avi cause… Check here for further information:



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Yahoo! Youreka! was held at KL Live Center on the 25th of November 2009. Lucky people who found the tickets through the treasure hunts were treated to goodie bags and a fun night at the KL Live Center. There was a few competitions held early in the night where consolation prizes were Blackberry mobile phones and the grand prize  for the sumo suit competition finale was a Macbook Air + iPod Touch. They were giving away Blackberry phones like t-shirts! Heck!

The final battle

Winner of Macbook Air + iPod Touch!

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!