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In the previous post on How To Make Dreadlocks, we did not manage to get a clear view on how to create a nice rounded end for the dreadlock. So, we had to come up with another post in order to guide you fellow dreadlockers on how to achieve nice round ends. We will also try to explain in further detail on how to use the crochet hook to tighten up the dreadlock.

I will be working on one of my own dreadlocks this time around, on this particular dread which had a tip that wasn’t really tight since the beginning. I managed to tighten the end using a crochet hook a long time ago, but somehow it loosened up and looked like a rats tail instead. I beared with it for a couple of months and finally decided to make it nice and rounded once and for all, this time, recording the process on video.


Back from Bali

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Sorry for the lack of updates guys, have been off for a vacation at the paradise island of Bali. Met a lot of friendly people there, had some nice food, stayed in some cheap hotels, surfed the waves of Kuta beach, soaked my dreadlocks in sea water continuously, and tanned my skin a little (carefully avoiding sun burn).

Now that I’m back in town, I have a lot of things to catch up on, so my next post shall be on how to make rounded tips on dreadlocks and how to work the crochet hook on a dreadlock.


Coconut Water

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While I was attending the Junk Figure 8ight (or was ie Ei8ht? Hmm, that will be Project Ei8ht) event last year, I met Apit, a dreadlocked dude who was working at a local t-shirt shop. He shared some tips with me about dreadlocks and also his adventures in KL with his dreadlocks.

One thing he told me was that rinsing your dreadlocks with coconut water is good. Fresh coconut water from the coconut, no additives, etc. I haven’t tried it out yet, so if any of you tried it before, do drop me a comment on how it feels like after the rinse and the after effects yeah.

I do spray a mixture of lemon juice + salt + water on my dreadlocks every now and then to tighten them up and also make them smell nicer (heck). After the lemon spray dries, my dreadlocks feel lighter and a bit rougher (which I like).

And sea water helps a lot. Helps your dreadlocks tighten up real good. I’m definitely gonna dip my hair in the sea water everyday when I’m in Bali.


What you need
A solid comb (a thin plastic comb will break)
A crochet hook (more explanation below)
At least 5 hours
Music, television or some friends

First, a more detailed explanation on the required items before we delve right in on how to actually make a dreadlock. Or you can just watch the video.


FAQ about Dreadlocks

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I get a lot of curious looks and stares wherever I go around KL city.

Aunties and uncles will stare at me with their jaws dropped, kids will shoot me disgusting stares and the random people will just steal glances. One of the obvious and hence irritating reactions that I get is from the kindergarten/preschool kids just below my office. They will all be lining-up waiting for their parents to pick them up the same I usually walk out for lunch. Those brats will always announce loudly in Mandarin “look at his hair,” and look at me with horrified and surprised faces. Some will even pinch their noses and the rest of the kids will make frightened/horrified noises. Well, maybe I should educate them one day about my hair and tell them that I’m not a monster.

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