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Rock The World 9 was held at the Bukit Jalil Stadium Carpark on the 26th of December 2009, or also known as Boxing Day. The event was originally supposed to be held at Sunway Lagoon on the 19th of December, but things did not go as planned, hence the venue and date change.

If you might have noticed from the event flyers section, the Radio Rosak Grand Finale was also supposed to be held on the same day, but at Stadium Negara instead. It also faced some nasty hiccups along the way and had to postponed instead. From what I heard, it is scheduled to be held sometime during in March 2010.

Ray Gaban and Haniff of XFM taking control of the Indie Stage

In this part, I will concentrate on some of the bands which performed at the Indie and Chillout stage, the smaller stages at this year’s Rock The World event. The Indie Stage started out earlier in the morning, at around 11am, with Kyoto Protocol taking the honors of being the first band to perform.

You can check out the Main Stage coverage here:



Rockaway 2009 was held last month, on the 20th of June 2009 at Capsquare. Upon arriving at noon time, the crowd was already huge! The venue was a bit too small for the amount of people who attended. Well, there was also Pesta Malam Indonesia 3 happening at Bukit Jalil, but all those who came to Rockaway show their spirits and supports for our local acts. Kudos!

The audience area was shaped like a funnel, where a long road led to a medium-sized area in front of the stage. The stage as really huge and tall, allowing people at the back to see what was happening on top of stage.


Car Crash Hearts was nearly ending their set as I entered the VIP area situated just to the right side of the audience area (slightly elavated, allowing a better view). Even though being the first and opening band for the event, the crowd was already hyped out and wanted more from them.



The 2009 My Stereo Rocks was also held at Zouk, similar to the 2008 one. The exciting thing about this one is that one of their official partners were RTM and that REVENGE will be performing their last and final set during the event before they go into a rest (well, according to their MySpace, but heck, they will be performing at SEARCH‘s final leg of their tour at Mont Kiara this August 1st).


When we arrived, Nadia’s Picture Show was already performing with the crowd already warmed up and enjoying the tunes. Crowd turnup was really good, with the venue nearly full and with more people trickling in.


Eclectic Dreams: The Showcase

The showcase will be held on 22nd May at Attack! Attack! Studio, starting from 9pm. Given Path will be the opening act, followed by performances from Couple and Seven Collar T-shirt.

Attack! Attack! Studio is located at:
2nd Floor,
Bangunan Yusmah,
Tanjung Chat,
Kota Bharu

For more info on Attack! Attack! Studio, visit their MySpace at

This event is organised by Gegey Music (


Couple Van

Hey hey!

To celebrate the launching of their second album titled Teenage Disc Fantastic, Couple held an album launch party at Dewan MCPA on the 27th of December 2008. They were also giving out their albums for free to the first few hundred attendees. You can get their album now for RM20 at Rock Corner and other good music retail outlets.

After a short sound check, The Hollows came out and performed as the first band.

The Hollows

The Hollows


Teenage Gig Fantastic

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Couple will be organising an album release party for their upcoming album Teenage Disc Fantastic at the MCPA Hall this 28 December. This would be their second album, the first one being Top Of The Pop which was released about 2 years ago. Bunkface, Yuna, The Dearly Missed, The Hollows and The Peanuts will be playing as well.

Event is slated to start at 1pm and tickets will be priced at RM18 each.


If you haven”t read Part 1, check it out here:

The organisers were kind enough to give us a t-shirt inside the media pack. The t-shirt has the Music Against Racism graphic printed on the front with the tag line One Love, One Heart, One Nation and is manufactured by crazeecausa (I think it is pronounced as crazy-kow-sa).


KAMI The Concert is the final leg of the KAMI The Gig nationwide tour and was held at the Bukit Jalil car park on the 18th of October 2008. It was supposed to start at 1.30pm and end at approximately 10:30pm.

ah_mei and I promptly arrived at the venue at 1.30pm after having a short lunch. Upon entering the car park, the car park attendant asked us whether we were attending the Global Peace event or the KAMI Concert. We were a bit confused as



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Where bands are coupled with an orchestra.

Or so was it.

Obviously, the headlining band for this event is Butterfingers. Gigging all month long to promote their new album, Kembali, Butterfingers is here to stay, and as the t-shirts states, ‘Takkan grunge hilang di dunia‘. Besides Butterfingers, the other bands which will be accompanied by an orchestra are Hujan, MUCK and Couple. There were also around 8 other bands playing, half of which are acoustic sets.

The event was ‘supposed’ (as per most Malaysian events, especially Chinese Wedding dinners, supposed is the word to use, not will) to start at 2pm and so, as good law-abiding citizens of Malaysia, we promptly arrived at 2pm. Parking was easy to find (just by the roadside) and tickets, selling for RM25 each, were available for purchase just outside the entrance to the grand hall. As expected, the guy told us that we can enter after the sound check (the infamous sound checks! Sound checks can last the whole day here in Malaysia, and please I don’t want to remind you of the ROTTW sound check delays).

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!