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The Terbang Oh! Bulan gig was supposed to be held on the 6th of May but then got delayed to the 13th of May to due to venue’s mistake in assigning the venue to another event organiser. It was held at SRJK Yuk Choy, Ipoh.

Terbang Oh Bulan

Terbang Oh Bulan

Upon arrival at 2pm, the event already started, but the inside of the hall wasn’t filled up yet, not until Hujan came. When the crowd heard that Hujan was up next, everyone rushed into the hall to get their best spots.


Hujan started their set with their new song, Obsesi before continuing on with the rest of their popular songs such as Empayarmu, Lonely Soldier Boy, Aku Scandal, Ludah Amerika before ending their set with Ahmoi Chantek.

Noh Hujan


Terbang Oh! Bulan

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Terbang Oh Bulan

UPDATE: Event has been postponed to 13 June 2009!!!

What happens to Butterfingers after Emmet and Loque goes on a hiatus? Noh and AG from Hujan to fill in the empty positions of course! Be sure to catch this very interesting combination at the Terbang Oh! Bulan gig happening this weekend at Dewan SJK Yuk Choy at Ipoh.

Besides the new formation of Butterfingers, Hujan will also be performing along with the rest of the crew which includes The Times, Zip Zieller, Bittersweet, Harmacy, Julie Goes Overseas and many more!

Event Details:
Venue: Dewan SJK Yuk Choy, Ipoh, Perak
Date: 13 June 2009
Time: 2pm till late
Tickets: RM16 (presale) / RM20 (at door)

For more information, contact 019-4526642 or 017-5912508


Rock The World 8

The night then continued with The Times, playing Singapura Ke Kuala Lumpur, among others.

The Times


Butterfingers Interview

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Emmet & Loque

Ready Steady Go invited me for an exclusive interview with Butterfingers just recently to help publicize the upcoming Sesi Istana Budaya. And so, I met Emmet and Loque. Kadak and Loko were not there as they were working.

I’m sure most of you already know about Emmet going to Canada to pursue his career so Butterfingers have to be on a hiatus until nobody knows


2008 has shown a level of success in the local independent music scene that has put Butterfingers on par with their more commercial counterparts. The Malaysian independent music scene has never before garnered this kind of attention and fan base, as is proof in the massive press coverage, radio airplay and television appearances local indie bands are currently achieving.

If 2008 was the year of ‘discovering’ the local independent music scene, then 2009 will be the year of cementing its arrival. We firmly believe that the last step in this journey of getting our music fully accepted is to take it off the small stage and onto the professional stage.


Laila’s Lounge came on stage without its vocalist, who was apparently stuck in the infamous Kuala Lumpur traffic madness. The gig had to go on, so the guitarist became the replacement vocalist, albeit a bit off tune, but it’s better than nothing!


Celcom’s University of X will be organising their second U.O.X. Play event at BB Plaza Rooftop this time on the 13th of December 2008. It will start from 5pm until midnight. There will be 2 bands from Indonesia who will be the highlight of the event, and they are The S.I.G.I.T. and White Shoes & The Couples Company (or WSTCC for short, check out our article on them previously,

Besides the 2 invited bands, our local bands will be performing as well. Bands include Bittersweet, Butterfingers, Bunkface, Stonebay, Bus Company, Tempered Mental, Seven, Laila’s Lounge


Last Moonshine Of The Year

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Do check out Laundry Bar this Thursday night (11 December 2008) for some Moonshine goodness. The event will start at 9.30pm and admission is free. The line up is really interesting indeed, featuring artists from all over the globe, and our very own included as well. Emmet (vocalist of Butterfingers) will be performing a solo acoustic set. Heck, how can you miss that?

Artists Performing:
Deb Fung & Alarice (Aus)
Emmett (Butterfingers)
Jack & Rai (Sg)
L-Mo (UK)

For more information, head to


Do check out Part 1 ( and Part 2 ( first.

The Times took stage right after Bittersweet’s rendition of the Hari Raya song. They started off with Singapura Ke Kuala Lumpur, a crowd favorite, taken from their latest album, Modern Minimalist Glamour. They chugged through the night, churning out Khayal Khayalan, Tunjuk Perasaan and also the title track from the same album.


This event was held at Zouk. We arrived at 2:45pm but there were still a whole bunch of people waiting outside. As usual, Malaysian standard time was in effect so we waited outside as well.

Be sure to give way to the Perodua Xfresh street surfers if you see them on the road. They are giving great support to our local music scene. As patriotic as you can see they already stick Malaysia flag way before Merdeka day.

Met our friend, Haniff, and he told us that this is the first time their gig got delayed but will be starting soon. There”s some booth selling T-shirt as usual, but this time we also saw some monster-like toys selling booth. Too bad for kenchill as he

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