Our contributing team consists of

ah_mei: An aspiring multimedia designer and the only female on this team. Likes to sing Malay songs in her spare time. A proud Apple user and supporter. In the process of growing her hair longer in order to turn it into beautiful dreadlocks.

kenchill: Responsible for creating and developing this blog. Comes up with a lot of ideas but lacks the time to execute them. Full time web developer and founder of www.intreek.com. Spends most of his money on toys as an act of revenge for his childhood days. Finally achieved his dream of having dreadlocks. Drives a Kancil (waiting to be turbo-ed) and is an avid concert photographer.

kumbang: Initially insisted on being called cum-bang! But this was vetoed so instead he’s named kumbang which means Beetle in Malay. His love for classic VW beetles led to this alias. Kumbang is a Mamak, but sadly he has neither the funds nor the connections to open a profit making Mamak stall. Instead he utilizes his time trying to put mechanics, plumbers and electricians out of work. Some might call him a Mr Fix-it-all. This social retard also played the drums and guitar for bands before reality slapped him in the face which made him realize that working as an engineer would actually pay the bills. He’s good with his hands and has great interest in anything with a round and curvy physique that comes in pairs/sets – such as the wheels on bikes or cars ( what did u dirty fellas think of huh???).

supaa_dry: 3/8 Malay and 5/8 Chinese but is 100% Malaysian. During the day he poses as a hardworking bank employee (but he’s actually facebook-ing the whole time there) and at night he reveals himself as a fanatic gym-goer. He is addicted to traveling and firmly believes that work is just to fill up the space (and bank account) before the next big trip. Certain parties have alleged that he has a small bladder, but it’s a claim which he has vigorously denied.

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