Recently got my hands on the DID Che Guevara 12 inch figure. The box is pretty standard, flip open front with the accessories on the flipped side. The main box contains the figure itself, dressed in an army green uniform and behind it, a ‘L’ sized black t-shirt with Che’s face and a star design on the front.

The accessories are interesting, a pipe (not pipe bomb), pen, journal with lines on the pages, a cigar, and the standard army gear (belt, pouches and guns). Clothes wise, there’s a white t-shirt with Che’s face and star design (heck, would be weird if he wears a t-shirt bearing himself on it) and also a PVC-ish brown bomber jacket, which fits snugly over the uniform.


HT MMS Wolverine

The Hot Toys MMS 103 X-Men Origins Wolverine is a pretty unique figure by Hot Toys. Firstly, if features a head sculpt sculpted by Kojun (who just recently joined Hot Toys and has done the head sculpt for the John O’Conner figure). The best thing about this figure is no doubt the head sculpt.

HT MMS Wolverine

It is a pretty expensive figure, considering that it does not come with any set of extra clothes or weapons. It all comes in just one tray (I was a bit stunned when I opened it, as I am used to double trays). It comes with a dog tag, complete with WOLVERINE engraved on it, 2 pairs of spare hands, 1 pair of hand connectors and the stand.


MINDstyle LIFEstyle feat. Michael Lau

The MINDstyle LIFEstyle featuring Michael Lau art exhibition was held at the Zinc Art Space at Jalan Maarof Bangsar (just beside the Indian Temple) from the 11th to 19th of December.

MINDstyle LIFEstyle feat. Michael Lau

Among the art pieces shown at the exhibition were Michael Lau’s Gardener vinyl toys and also his art pieces. There were also the Godfather vinyl toy on exhibition and on sale as well. The Gardener pieces were going for about RM585 a pop, while the Godfather was approximately RM850 a pop. From what I heard, the art pieces were selling for around USD$30,000 each.


Clone Trooper Helmet

Posted by kenchill. Toys

A few weeks ago, I was trying to acquire a 1:1 scale Stormtrooper helmet, but the shop which sells it ran out of stock, so I got myself a 1:4 scale Stormtrooper helmet instead. By the way, the 1:1 scale helmet costs about RM690.

This time around, Hasbro released a ‘toy’ version of the Clone Trooper helmet, which is not an exact 1 to 1 replice of the helmet used in the movie, but it is a wearable helmet. It costs just RM144 (the RRP is RM170 I guess) and it is called the Clone Trooper Voice Changer


LEGO 6212 Star Wars X-Wing

Posted by kenchill. Toys

When I was a kid, I used to play LEGO, lot’s of em. From castles and pirates to petrol stations to space-themed vehicles. I can’t really recall exactly at what age did I start or stop LEGO but it should be when I was around 7 to 12 years old. And yeah, I didn’t play with the Duplo blocks, just the normal LEGO. No LEGO Technics too.

Fast forward to a decade later around the year 2002 and there I saw it, while I was studying in Brisbane (Australia), LEGO Star Wars sets (well the huge ass LEGO Star Wars collector’s edition sets were way out of my budget) which were selling at ‘normal price’.


Norvasc manufacturer

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