Casio Protrek PRG-130

The Casio Protrek PRG-130 (or PRW-130 with atomic sync, PAW1500 in USA) is a ABC watch, meaning that it comes with altimeter, barometer and compass readings. When showing the barometer (air pressure), it also shows the temperature. It comes in a nice brown box (outer box is a cardboard box, and inside is a wooden panel box) with a very thick manual. The model number for this one is PRG-130-1VDR (more info here: ).

Casio Protrek PRG-130

Besides the standard timekeeping, alarm and stop watch features, it also has a tide and moon graph. Not to mention that the battery is recharged using the solar cells on the face of the watch. On the “home” screen, you can set the top display to either display a 24 hour barometer graph (data captured and saved every 2 hours) or a day (MON/TUE) display, toggled by using the Adjust button.


Maxis iPhone

Maxis is finally offering the iPhone3G plans after a very long lag compared to other countries. Anyway, don’t think that the phone is free.

For the very basic 6-months RM80 plan, you need to pay RM2,540 upfront for the iPhone 8GB. 12-months x RM100 plan, it will be RM1,900 and for the 24-months RM100 plan, it is reduced to RM1,510 for the iPhone 8GB. The 16GB models are around RM300 extra.

If you don’t want to pay for the phone, you can opt for the 24-months RM375 plan, where you can get the iPhone 3G 8GB for RM0 and the 16GB version for RM260. So, if you are topping out at RM300 monthly, that’s a good place to head. Or you can just sell the iPhone off anyway.

Book yours here and and be invited to the official launch on the 20-22nd of March at the KL Convention Center. I’m not too sure when will you be able to pick-up the phone though.

Read the FAQ here:


Update on Chrome

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Check out supaa_dry’s rant about it first here:

Tested it out quite extensively, some inline popups (ala Lightbox) won’t show up, but that’s about it (until I discover more at work). It is built on top of Web Kit, so it should display pages in the same way Safari displays it. You can ‘tear’ off a tab and drag it out of the main window to make the tab become an independent new window.

It has a built in DOM Inspector where you can use it to inspect your DOM elements, attributes and stylesheets. The downside is that, you can only INSPECT it, not MODIFY it on-the-fly (unlike in Firebug), a downside there, but still helpful for development.

Secondly it has a built in Javascript debugger and console which is very very handy for AJAX development.

A bummer is that it does not support add-ons at the moment and I am seeing all the ads again!! This why I will still keep on using Firefox because of Adblock! So, bye bye Chrome, see you again when you can block ads!!


Google Chrome

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Is google ever going to stop coming up with new stuff? First they brought us the most amazing, canggih, user-friendly search engine (yes, I’m kinda biased haha), then came gmail and google documents.. not to mention google scholar, google news and a tonne of other stuff.

And now they’ve decided to give Internet Explorer (yeech!) and Mozilla Firefox (yay!) a run for their money. Yesterday google released the beta version of their newest project, the web browser called “Chrome”. It was quite a surprise that they released it as it was pretty hush-hush until they published a comic detailing the idea behind Chrome. Get it here.


Malaysia Today

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In objection with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission‘s (MCMC) decision to block Malaysia Today, here’s the alternative link to the website:

I really hope this won’t be a trend in Malaysia or else we will end up like China. Anyway, there’s really no point in this simple blocking, there’s so many other ways to access a website (or anything) on the internet.

One good way is to replace your current DNS with OpenDNS ( It is as easy as going to your TCP/IP settings (on Windows XP) and changing the DNS addresses there. Or if you want a more permanent method on your local network, you can change the DNS addresses on the router itself (most likely in the WAN settings page).

Besides offering faster DNS lookup times, they also have typo correction and adult site filtering. Just go check the website out.

Catch up on Malaysian news online:

Malaysia Today:

The Malaysian Insider:


You keyboard is one of the dirtiest things in your house/office. It carries a lot of bacteria on and inside of it. Day by day, it accumulates dirt, dust, grime, nose booger, hair, sweat, mucus, nose hair, saliva, grease, food, breadcrumbs, biscuit crumbs and small dead insect.

Most of the visible small dirt objects will find its way down below the keyboard keys through the small 2mm gap between keys. Most of it are not visible due to the shadow being cast on it by the keys, thus not giving you a clue on how great a rubbish dump it is.

The fact that makes it so dirty is that it is one of the most used objects in your house/office. Every time you use your computer, you have to use your keyboard (well, you have to use your mouse too, but let’s focus on the keyboard for this post). You never bother to wash your hands before touching the keyboard. After cleaning your nose with your fingers, you then continue typing on the keyboard. No matter what you did previously, you wouldn’t really think of cleaning your hands before using the keyboard. Then, AFTER using the keyboard, you also wouldn’t care to wash your hands before eating your biscuits, sweets or food (or digging for gold again).


After much procrastinating, I finally made my decision to purchase the Sony Alpha DSLR-A200 camera. Actually, I wanted to buy a digital SLR (single lens reflex, more info at Wikipedia) camera when the Canon EOS350D was released (kinda the first ‘affordable’ prosumer digital SLRs in the market at that time) but somehow the decision slipped. Later, Nikon released the D40 and it seemed really attractive, but my brother managed to snapped it up, so I decided to play around with his one before he took it away with him to Melbourne.

So, I’m left with my Panasonic Lumix FX-3 compact point and shoot camera which works really good as a compact point and shoot camera but it is really slow on focusing and the anti-shake feature don’t really live up to its name, resulting in difficulty trying to snap photos at darker environments (gigs, anyone?).

Then, around half a year ago, Sony managed to revamp it’s flagship Sony Alpha DSLR-A100 digital SLR camera and in came the A200, A300 and A350 cameras. The A200 is the baseline model and


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