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Sorry for the lack of updates lately, was busy with ongoing projects. We still have Terbang Oh! Bulan part 2 and the whole Rockaway event coverage (gonna split it up into 3 parts) to be posted soon! Not to forget a short review on Disagree“s new album, To Prevent The Earth From Moving With You.

We have just finished a photoshoot with Estranged during the past weekend and are looking forward to next month”s gigs before Ramadhan starts.

Lastly, we would like to congratulate the TIGERS on their 2 goals against Manchester United last Saturday (although they lost the match, 3-2).


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Was browsing YouTube for a while just now and came across the X-Games 14 (2008) skateboard street session. Session 3 (the ledge + rail) just blew my mind and I thought it was good to share it with you guys. The first onslaught, 6 back to back grinds/slides on the rail. Insane. Not to mention all the other insane tricks the skateboarders threw down the double-set, rail and ledge. Ryan Sheckler is insane.


Welcome 2009

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LifeInKL would like to wish ‘Happy New Year‘ to all readers of this website! The past month was really hectic and I am on a backlog of events to post. Upcoming posts would be on Rock The World 8, Livesounds: The Rock & Sheila on 7 and Couple’s Teenage Gig Fantastic (Teenage Disc Fantastic album launch).

On the other hand, I have managed to acquire a brand new Sony Alpha A700 along with a new Tamron 17-50/2.8 lens to aid me on my gig and event photography. I haven’t had the time to actually do a write up on the camera and the lens (hmm, I also forgot to mention about my new Minolta 24mm/2.8 lens) but will do it sometime this month, after I have done posting about the December gigs.

If you haven’t already noticed, we have a new banner at the top of the website. You can interact with the banner and scroll through the images (took me around 2 hours to develop it). And yes, we have over 100 posts already!

Enjoi and stay tuned!!!


Happy Halloween!!!

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The Sony Alpha Convention was held at the Le Meridien Hotel at KL Sentral over the weekend and over 400 participants attended the event.

There were talks and seminars, buffet lunches, free gifts, models and bikes, product showcase and competitions. And you could mingle with all the other Sony Alpha users and test out their gear and get poisoned yourself.

I will write another post to cover that event soon, but for now I will be talking about a new blog I created for the Blog and Win Competition held alongside the convention.


Selamat Hari Raya

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Selamat Hari Raya to all fellow Malaysians! Time to get going and have some rendang!

We managed to find some fire crackers at the Section 14 Pasar Ramadhan but the good ones (eg: Thunderclap) were already sold out, only those low powered ones were available. We got some Pop-pop, Bumblebee and Happy Boom!


We switched servers!!!

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This might not be noticeable at all, but we are now running on Shinjiru (http://www.shinjiru.com.my) servers. Nice and smooth transfer of files and database. Sweet!

And yeah, we are still pretty busy as were are finalizing on one of the projects and starting another one as soon as this one finishes. So… will try to squeeze a few posts out on the coming days, taking some time off work.


Busy Days

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Quite a lot has happened during the past week but I didn’t manage to write anything on it due to some hectic schedule. I have been busy with some projects (still ongoing!!!), going for a touch up session for my tattoo, and going around town purchasing and collecting some new toys.

I will be quite occupied during the upcoming week as I have to follow up on a new project, renew my web hosting (transferring to another hosting provider), and well, write some posts!

As you might have noticed, ah_mei is also on a hiatus as she is currently busy on her knitting projects. She spends on average 8 to 12 hours a day knitting. Day, and night. She has her own knitting website, aptly titled Knit Life In KL which is already up and running at http://knit.lifeinkl.com. Do check it out as ah_mei has posted up a few articles already. Well, for starters, it is our first sister site!

So, anyway, as it is mandatory for every post to have some pictures (thanks to my brother who gave this suggestion), here’s a quick peek of what I managed to pick up last week while taking some time off.

Hot Toys Michael Scofield body

1:4 Master Replicas Stormtrooper Helmet

Voltron Gift Set



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Here it comes again, last year Malaysia was 50 years old, now Malaysia is 51 years old (and I am also 1 year older)! The Merdeka spirit this year was somehow dampened by both the political scenario and also the Anwar sodomy allegations + the Permatang Pauh elections. We celebrated Merdeka in a low key fashion at kumbang‘s house and we were too tired the next morning to attend the Merdeka celebrations at Dataran Merderka.

Anyhow, we wish Malaysia and its citizens a prosperous year ahead (gaji naik lah!!!).

Merdeka fireworks at The Curve as viewed from 1Utama rooftop carpark

For more information on the history of Merdeka, please visit http://www.malaysiamerdeka.gov.my/


Hujan Picks

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Tada! These are guitar picks with the Hujan logo on it. They are hard picks, black in color with the words ‘Hujan’ embossed on the top in gold color, similar to their official black/yellow t-shirts.

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!