After 3 long years of gigging and recording, Pesawat finally managed to get all their tracks recorded and mixed into an album. Their debut album, aptly titled Take Off, was launched at Lot 10 2 months back. The album features 13 songs, of which half of it is sung in Bahasa Malaysia and the other half is sung in English.

The album opens up with the captain speaking on the intro track, ‘Take Off’, and you will be brought ears-first, into Pesawat’s style of music with Brand New Day. It has all the characteristics of a ‘Pesawat song’. Catchy intro, feet tapping and hand clapping beat, and then Jipie’s signature singing style. Excuse Me is another song, which will make you tap your feet, or jump to the beat, very ‘The Killers‘ kinda feel mixed in with Pesawat’s musical style.


Bo (Bo Amir Iqram in full), or in this article’s sense, in his moniker, Bedroom Sanctuary (he goes by a lot of other names such as Mr. Fluff, Cosmicspacemunkys, and also plays in bands such as Seven and That Band) has a nice, deep voice for jiwang songs. I first heard his song “Pulanglah” in a Coffee Mate commercial video last year (more on that later) and loved the song feature eversince. So naturally, when I had the opportunity to review his sophomore release titled I Can’t Draw So I Sing, I jumped at the chance.

My (Malaysia)” captures the essence of life in Klang Valley with a mention of SS2 (for food). The language used in this song is more simplified with hints of our local accent. “Shorty 2” is an interesting one. The introduction is just two lines and from then it is taken over by a cute carnival-like mix. The song is probably named “Shorty” because it is just a little over a minute’s length. “Hapus” is a little funky. It sounds like there’s a secret upbeat track after the first slow mellow melody part.


Yuna’s debut album, Decorate was one of the better local albums released last year (she has released an EP before this, containing the ever so popular hit song, Dan Sebenarnya). If you missed out on the album launch held at KL PAC last year (which was a full house affair), fret not, we have covered it and you can read it here There’s 10 tracks on the album, of which consists of a healthy mix of both English and Bahasa Malaysia songs. Speaking of which, the English and BM songs somehow feel like they alternate between each other on the album.

The album starts with Gadis Semasa, which gives you a glimpse of her vocal prowess. One thing I like about this song is the noticeable build up of pace and mood in the song which is very well arranged. The second track, These Streets has an interesting atmosphere to it, suiting its lyrics. The superb song composition shows again in Penakut, with a very, very good build up to the climax of the song, which, interestingly is 2/3rds into the song.


The soothing vocals of Reza Salleh fills up my Friday rainy evening. Strong and calm at the same time, his songs (written and arranged by Reza Salleh himself) displayed a modern-country style with interesting unpredicatble tempo (as in Angan-angan Permata).

Most of this songs in his first album – Realize start with guitar tunes. Ocean Spanning Sorrow had a guitar intro as if testing suitable chords which reminds me of ‘Greenday – Time of Your Life‘. There were use of upbeat drums in 50 Down the Way and Rest & Relax. Angan-angan Permata displayed use of saxaphone at the end of the tune.


Okay, so after touring all over the world (including Singapore), the G-Shock ‘Shock The World’ Tour finalllllly lands itself in our magnificent Kuala Lumpur! It was held at Zouk on the 23rd of July 2010. Well, to get tickets, you will have to either buy a G-shock and get some passes, or just know some people who were involved in the event.

So, the local designers involved in this event were Stephen Lau and Streething (, a local streetwear community. Stephen collaborated on the white DW6900 while Streething did it’s collaboration on a black DW5600. If I’m not mistaken, there were like 20 of each watch given away to friends of the designers (don’t think it was on sale).


The G6900-GR3 is part of the new Casio G-shock Green Series collection. I don’t know how ‘limited’ it is, but I do think it is ‘limited edition’. You still can get it at watch shops, or at Sungei Wang as off now. Going price will be around RM300 ~ RM320, do not get ripped off!!

The green color used here is exactly same as the Frogman Love The Sea and Earth (model #GW-200F-3JR, note ‘3’, denominating the green color) edition, popularly dubbed the ‘Kermit‘ by many G-shock enthusiasts.


The GW-200Z is the final edition in the GW-200 series, thus being coined the nickname “The Final Frogman“. Caged in a titanium housing, it is anti-rust and is 200 meters water resistant.

Just got this in recently. The watch shops in Malaysia, both the official Marco and unofficial distributors are stocking them, so hurry and get yours before they all run out. Shops in Sungei Wang received from 3 – 5 units each, not sure if they can order more, so quickly get them while they are still on display.


Bite. Yeah, bite. Bite is Deja Voodoo Spells‘ (DVS) second offering, after their debut album ‘I am what I am‘ 5 years ago. Clearly, everyone knows that DVS’ lead guitarist, Rithan, is one of Malaysia’s top guitarist, who is also sponsored by Ibanez Guitars.

If you have expected to get more of ‘I am what I am‘ in the second album, then sorry to say, but you won’t. It’s more of what St. Anger was to the previous Metallica albums. Well, just sort of, not exactly. So, what has exactly changed in the 5 years between the first album and this one?

The album has already caught the attention of millions, with singles ‘Rock and Roll‘ and ‘Wanting You‘ voted to the number 1 spot on the Malaysian charts, Hitz Fm’s International Top 30 and an Anugerah Industri Music (AIM) nomination for Best Male Vocal. Bite was also nominated for 9 Voize Independent Music Awards, the most nominations for a single artiste, and ended up winning the most awards of the nights as well, including Best Rock Act.

The band have already won more than 10 awards, including Best New Artiste for their debut ‘I am what I am‘ at the 2006 AIMs. They are endorsed by Ibanez Guitars, Tama Drums, Wagen Picks and Ziljian Cymbals.


Casio America, Inc. proudly unveils the Limited Edition Go Green Project, an environmentally friendly series of G-Shock watch models to commemorate Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary. The series is compromised of three new G-Shock styles G5600GR-7, G6900GR-3 and G2300GR-3 with 100% recycled paper packaging, advanced solar technology and Earth Day inspired color ways.

Each incarnation of the Go Green Project features advanced Self-Charging, Tough Solar Power technology – A tiny, solar panel combined with a large-capacity rechargeable battery enables a variety of energy-hungry functions to operate smoothly. The result is an impressive solar timepiece that assures reliable timekeeping and greatly reduces the need for battery change. With its durable construction and unmatched solar power function, the Go Green Project provides an accessory that embraces the philosophy of reduce, re-use recycle.


Recently got my hands on the DID Che Guevara 12 inch figure. The box is pretty standard, flip open front with the accessories on the flipped side. The main box contains the figure itself, dressed in an army green uniform and behind it, a ‘L’ sized black t-shirt with Che’s face and a star design on the front.

The accessories are interesting, a pipe (not pipe bomb), pen, journal with lines on the pages, a cigar, and the standard army gear (belt, pouches and guns). Clothes wise, there’s a white t-shirt with Che’s face and star design (heck, would be weird if he wears a t-shirt bearing himself on it) and also a PVC-ish brown bomber jacket, which fits snugly over the uniform.

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