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The Times took stage right after Bittersweet’s rendition of the Hari Raya song. They started off with Singapura Ke Kuala Lumpur, a crowd favorite, taken from their latest album, Modern Minimalist Glamour. They chugged through the night, churning out Khayal Khayalan, Tunjuk Perasaan and also the title track from the same album.


First Pics on my A300

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It seems that kenchill was a lot faster to write about my new camera than I was… But since I’m so in luuurrveee with my new camera I just have to write about it too!

I got my camera early last week and kenchill, ah_mei and sitihawadingin and I went to the Section 14 bazaar Ramadan to test it out as well as buy some goodies for buka puasa.


Lala chong

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I like seafood. No wait, that’s an understatement, I LOVE seafood. And perhaps the best way to cook seafood is Chinese-style.

As with all good things, you can’t have too much of it, or not you know lah, sure muak, but I haven’t had seafood in a while so I rounded up a bunch of friends and we headed to Lala Chong for some rockin’ Chinese-style seafood. Lala Chong is located near the old Subang Airport, right opposite Terminal 3. For those of you who don’t quite know where it is, take a look at this map:
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You’ll know you’re there when you see this sign


So I opened my freezer, looking for some frozen grapes and OH NOOOO~~ I’m out!! I desperately needed to stock up, so you know what that means.. A trip to the Pasar Malam!

The Pasar Malam or Night Market in English is absolutely one of my favorite Malaysian experiences. Where else can you find an amazing variety of food (from putu piring to nasi dagang to kebabs), groceries (fresh fruits, vegetables and fish/meat), clothing and accessories, and even political activists (esp just before elections) in one place? It’s the ultimate assault on the senses: The very visible hustle and bustle, the noise of sellers shouting out their promotions (Mari mari mari, durian murah murah!!), the smell of different foods wafting around, the taste of all the snacks and tidbits and as for touch… don’t you always give fruits a good squeeze before you buy em? In addition to that, what’s cool is that Malaysians from all walks of life – rich, poor, young, old – can be seen at the pasar malam (I even saw some white people too!!) Psst.. in fact back in uni guys used to go to the pasar malam to meet girls….

Anyway, the pasar malam I went to was the one in Taman Tun. It operates every Sunday. Some of the stalls start opening at about 3pm, but the place only gets really busy around 6-8pm.


Paandi’s Banana Leaf Rice

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You know it when it hits you – the craving for Indian food that is! It hit me bad last week, but I usually tend to avoid indian food on weekdays because I always end up 640-554  overeating and going into food coma. Good news was that last Monday was Wesak (public hoilday yay~) so Kenchill, Ah_mei (who unfortunately still had to work) and I went to Paandi’s for banana leaf rice. For the uninformed, Paandi’s is one of the most famous (or rather infamous) banana leaf places in PJ. It’s located right by SMK Sultan Abdul Samad and Hospital University – I believe the name of the road it’s on is Jalan Bukit.

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