It’s time to change to engine oil for my trusty Kancil as it has reached 5000km since the last oil change. The whole process was done by kumbang and pictures were taken by ah_mei. Words by kenchill.

You can save the RM15 off the labor costs and take some time to know your engine! All you need for a car service (or rather engine oil change) is just a new bottle of engine oil (Shell, Castrol, choose whatever that suits your taste and ask the shopkeeper for the suitable SAE rating for your car) and a new oil filter. If you are driving a local car, those items can be gotten at nearly any petrol station or kedai tayar.


In the previous post on How To Make Dreadlocks, we did not manage to get a clear view on how to create a nice rounded end for the dreadlock. So, we had to come up with another post in order to guide you fellow dreadlockers on how to achieve nice round ends. We will also try to explain in further detail on how to use the crochet hook to tighten up the dreadlock.

I will be working on one of my own dreadlocks this time around, on this particular dread which had a tip that wasn’t really tight since the beginning. I managed to tighten the end using a crochet hook a long time ago, but somehow it loosened up and looked like a rats tail instead. I beared with it for a couple of months and finally decided to make it nice and rounded once and for all, this time, recording the process on video.


You keyboard is one of the dirtiest things in your house/office. It carries a lot of bacteria on and inside of it. Day by day, it accumulates dirt, dust, grime, nose booger, hair, sweat, mucus, nose hair, saliva, grease, food, breadcrumbs, biscuit crumbs and small dead insect.

Most of the visible small dirt objects will find its way down below the keyboard keys through the small 2mm gap between keys. Most of it are not visible due to the shadow being cast on it by the keys, thus not giving you a clue on how great a rubbish dump it is.

The fact that makes it so dirty is that it is one of the most used objects in your house/office. Every time you use your computer, you have to use your keyboard (well, you have to use your mouse too, but let’s focus on the keyboard for this post). You never bother to wash your hands before touching the keyboard. After cleaning your nose with your fingers, you then continue typing on the keyboard. No matter what you did previously, you wouldn’t really think of cleaning your hands before using the keyboard. Then, AFTER using the keyboard, you also wouldn’t care to wash your hands before eating your biscuits, sweets or food (or digging for gold again).


Ok, so you’ve graduated, now what? All things said and done, your degree doesn’t matter too much if you don’t actually go out and apply for a job. And with graduation season around the corner, the job market is gonna be inundated with fellow applicants – making the competition much tougher. But fret not, because here on, we have a few tips and tricks that should help you out.

But first a disclaimer: The tips suggested in here are merely that.. suggestions. I’m just recommending to you what worked out well for me, but as always, there’s no guarantee that it’ll work out. Use whatever is in here at your own discretion, and definitely feel free to make changes if you feel that you can improve on it. And cross your fingers and hope for the best!


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What you need
A solid comb (a thin plastic comb will break)
A crochet hook (more explanation below)
At least 5 hours
Music, television or some friends

First, a more detailed explanation on the required items before we delve right in on how to actually make a dreadlock. Or you can just watch the video.


How To: Renew your passport

Posted by kenchill. How-to

So, I am going to Bali in August and my passport is expiring in October, bad bad. The passport needs to be valid for more than 6 months from the embarkation date.

At first, they came out with this express service which only takes 3 days to prepare your renewed passport. And then later, it became 1 day. And now I heard it only takes 3 hours, granted you send in your application 3 hours before the 5:30pm closing time.

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