The cause: Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-kanak Cacat Klang Selangor.

The organisers: Jaguar Swiss Made.

The sponsors: Posh cars of various ginormous brands, Von Jolly Couture, Bysi, Cellabs, Hwa Jing Tour Agency and many more.


Lim Kok Wing’s Year-end Fashion Extravaganza: Creativity in Motion

The Pavillion’s Cafe Stelle transformed into a fashion house using tables as makeshift catwalk. This event was a huge in-house incorporation between the schools in Lim Kok Wing (LKW) University of Creative Technology. The main theme features fashion designs by their School of Fashion and Retail Design students. The models were also in-house, with hairdo made by the students hailing from LKW Hair Design Lifestyle Academy. Singers trained in LKW Sound and Music Design Academy also entertained the crowd with 5 to 6 songs – one memorable one was Simply the Best (originally sung by Tina Turner).

True to LKW theme, most attendees came in black colored attire. Also not surprising, most of the pieces featured were black-based, except for two pieces – the Egyptian-themed pieces had full blast color i.e. teal and red. The first set of pieces was by LKW’s best designers across semesters. The set started off with uniform-themed pieces with sailors, police and pilot uniforms paraded by the models. Next in the set was African-themed with colorful headgears to lighten up the black-white foundation of the night. The aforementioned Egyptian theme pieces were also thrown into the mix.


YOU are invited to our weekly Ink & Drink nights at 8pm, every Wednesday this January starting tomorrow!

There’ll be HAPPY HOURS ALL NIGHT for the tattooed (or friends with one), and tribal-influenced belly dancing by Nanci the Bohemian Barbiedoll at 9pm! Careful, she might whoop out a sword outta nowhere.

Over the last 2 months, many have walked out of Palate Palette with fabulous tattoos inked live by Blackcat, Inked, Hustla Ink and Long&Hard. We love them to bits – the girls, the boys, the awesome tatts…


A Journey Through Time is a yearly watchmakers’ event held in the Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. This year hosted the 4th Journey Through Time, themed Time to Love and was held from 2nd – 11th December. The finale event was on the last day itself, although Delta Goodrem sang for the final 3 days of the exhibition.

*This week’s article is written by our guest writer, who goes by the pen name of signedtees.

A Journey Through Time (check out for more details) focuses on four divisions – couture, cuisine, entertainment and the appreciation of luxury timepieces. We were only there for the finale of this ten-day event and the day was still true to the focal points. The event was hosted by Yasmin Yusoff, looking stunning in a navy blue evening gown and I think she mentioned all her hairdo and spa were all done in Starhill Gallery.



24 students from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology showcased their artistic and creative designs at the Creativity In Motion fashion show held at the Bintang Circle in Pavilion last year just before Christmas.

The various students hail from different countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, Iran, Nigeria, Cambodia, Tanzania, Myanmar and China showcased a total of 76 unique garments which was inspired by their very own exotic culture and traditions.


There were performances by Limkokwing students during the fashion show of which they sang various songs, such as Heal The World (which featured the university’s international choir group), Wings To Fly and also Hero.

More pictures after the jump.


We went to Ruums to attend the Levis 501 Live Unbuttoned event right after the Xfresh X-gig (read more here: in Zouk. We saw the media registration desk and registered ourselves to get some media passes. After registration, the PR girls gave us some freebies and VIP tags instead of just mere media passes.


I am a avid reader of ifeel, a Chinese magazine focusing on Malaysian fashion and beauty. It was such a coincidence that I managed to saw the Sloggi promotion as I seldom turn to promotions page. Well I know what catches my eyes, yes, the inner wear models!


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