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Napex Brewery launched it’s new product, the Jaz Fresh Lychee Beer on the 27th of May 2011 at Saloon 17, Sunway Giza. The new flavor of beer is a fusion which offers the fragrant aroma of sweet ripened lychee that is surprisingly smooth and refreshing with a silky texture. The beer was launched by Napex Brewery Sdn Bhd’s Chief Operations Officer Mr. Leslie Chng and Ms. Gillian Chung.

Jaz Fresh Lychee is meticulously brewed from only the finest imported natural ingredients under stringent quality control preserve the natural goodness and freshness of beer. Jaz Fresh Lychee is an unfiltered and unpasteurized nutritious Fresh beer with a strict 7-day shelf life policy, a characteristically natural cloudy appearance and a crisp taste of freshness. It is served straight from the keg and is best consumed at 3ºcelcius.


“Ahhhhh! Justin Bieber!!!!”, the screams that are still ringing in my ear. Yes after over a week from Justin Bieber’s concert and my ears are still recovering from the trauma. I am not ashamed to admit that I anticipated his concert amidst my un-tender age of 25 turning 26.

So how was it? It wasn’t too bad but it could be better. Imagine battling the jam of over an hour from Mid Valley towards Stadium Merdeka, arriving in drizzling rain and enduring screams by girls who prefer to listen to themselves over Bieber’s singing to find that he performed in only an hour (if not less).


March 5

KUALA LUMPUR: If someone had come up to me ten years ago and told me that Deftones would schedule a tour date here in Malaysia’s capital I would have dismissed the comment as ludicrous. So you could imagine my surprise when my cousin Aaron Camoens, told me that the greatest Nu-Metal band was coming to town. I knew that this was a once in a lifetime experience and decided that ticket prices would not be a deterrent and me along with my younger brother Abel, my cousins Aaron and Sonia decided that we would get the most expensive tickets at RM258 to enjoy a night of heavy metal moshing.

Fans rushing into the entrance when the gates are opened

The band was brought in courtesy of TuneTalk and was set to rock Kuala Lumpur on Valentine’s Day, making it one of the crazier Valentines dates anyone would opt for. I personally headed down to the concert believing that the band would kick the concert off with songs from their latest release, Diamond Eyes.


The Tun Mahathir musical has played earlier last year, but due to popular demand it was brought back for a second season at Istana Budaya. The second seasons runs from 21-30 January. Information on ticket prices and where to get them are accessible at the official website http://www.muzikaltunmahathir.blogspot.com/.

Anyway, the organizers were kind enough to give us some pretty excellent seats. The Panggung Sari at Istana Budaya isn’t very big and we had seats right in middle of the center aisle. Great view and we were also acoustically well positioned.

As for the show, it was on the whole pretty decent, but it fell short of my expectations. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoyed ourselves, and there were part of the show I really liked, however I felt that there were a few things that prevented it from being a much better show. But let’s start with the positives first.


Everyone certainly remembered last-last year’s Rock The World (held on 26th December 2009) as a really wet one as it was pouring throughout afternoon, before finally stopping for good in the evening. Rock The World 10, fortunately, was a super dry and hot affair.

Rock The World 10 (organised by Fat Boys Productions) was held on the 26th of December 2010, which coincidentally was the same date as the Malaysia vs Indonesia AFC Suzuki Cup finals match. The concert was held at the car park just outside the stadium.

There were only 2 stages this time around (versus the 3 stages during the previous one), the Main Stage and the Indie Stage, with the Indie Stage being the smaller one of the two. In my opinion, a side-by-side stage setup would be much better (ala Sunburst), as the 2-stage affair would sometimes cause a viewer to miss out a performance due to clashing times.


The cause: Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-kanak Cacat Klang Selangor.

The organisers: Jaguar Swiss Made.

The sponsors: Posh cars of various ginormous brands, Von Jolly Couture, Bysi, Cellabs, Hwa Jing Tour Agency and many more.


Lim Kok Wing’s Year-end Fashion Extravaganza: Creativity in Motion

The Pavillion’s Cafe Stelle transformed into a fashion house using tables as makeshift catwalk. This event was a huge in-house incorporation between the schools in Lim Kok Wing (LKW) University of Creative Technology. The main theme features fashion designs by their School of Fashion and Retail Design students. The models were also in-house, with hairdo made by the students hailing from LKW Hair Design Lifestyle Academy. Singers trained in LKW Sound and Music Design Academy also entertained the crowd with 5 to 6 songs – one memorable one was Simply the Best (originally sung by Tina Turner).

True to LKW theme, most attendees came in black colored attire. Also not surprising, most of the pieces featured were black-based, except for two pieces – the Egyptian-themed pieces had full blast color i.e. teal and red. The first set of pieces was by LKW’s best designers across semesters. The set started off with uniform-themed pieces with sailors, police and pilot uniforms paraded by the models. Next in the set was African-themed with colorful headgears to lighten up the black-white foundation of the night. The aforementioned Egyptian theme pieces were also thrown into the mix.


A Journey Through Time is a yearly watchmakers’ event held in the Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. This year hosted the 4th Journey Through Time, themed Time to Love and was held from 2nd – 11th December. The finale event was on the last day itself, although Delta Goodrem sang for the final 3 days of the exhibition.

*This week’s article is written by our guest writer, who goes by the pen name of signedtees.

A Journey Through Time (check out http://www.ajourneythroughtime.com.my for more details) focuses on four divisions – couture, cuisine, entertainment and the appreciation of luxury timepieces. We were only there for the finale of this ten-day event and the day was still true to the focal points. The event was hosted by Yasmin Yusoff, looking stunning in a navy blue evening gown and I think she mentioned all her hairdo and spa were all done in Starhill Gallery.


Finally, super-hero singer songwriter Reza Salleh managed to gather up some of his time to record and produce his debut album, Realize. The album launch was of course joined by fellow musicians such as Liyana Fizi, Mia Palencia, Zalina Lee, Hanafi, Melina Williams, Yuna, Isaac Entry, and David Knight, among others. There were also other musicians spotted around the venue, which was The Apartment at KLCC (held on the 26th of November 2010).

Here are some of the photos that night.


It was a bit weird that Paramore only came to Kuala Lumpur nearly 1 year after they went to Singapore. Shouldn’t they stop by KL before/after their Singapore concert which was on 19 December 2009? Well anyway, after 6 years of touring (according to Hayley Williams, Paramore’s lead vocalist), they managed to make their way to Kuala Lumpur on the 19th of October 2010.

The concert was held at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium (outdoor one, the indoor one is the Putra Stadium) at 8pm. Luckily it rained during the afternoon, so the rock zone fans wouldn’t be standing in the rain when the show started.

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