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Here are some photos from the Seventeen Saloon media appreciation night:

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Rock The World number 11, or Rock The World Adrenaline as it was called this year round, was held INSIDE Stadium Merdeka on the 10th of December 2011. There were clothing and accessories booths outside the stadium, together with then Open Mic Stage. Hmm, I figured out that the booths should be placed inside the stadium as there would be more traffic inside as compared to outside. Inside the stadium, there were the sponsor’s booths and also food/drinks stalls.


The White Shoes & The Couples Company were back again on the 9th of November 2011, this time at MAP KL in a more personal gig to promote their latest album, titled Album Vakansi. The event was organised by the very hardworking team at Pekan Frinjan.

This is the second time that The White Shoes & The Couples Company are playing in Kuala Lumpur. The first one was around 2-3 years ago at the XPAX Concert at the Sungei Wang/BB Plaza rooftop.

It didn’t really bode well that the event started slight more than an hour later than the stipulated 8pm, given that the fact that it was a working day the next day. Anyways, the mega-populated band, Tilu kick started the event that night with a very energetic performance, warming up the crowd, especially after their long wait.


Liyana Fizi‘s album launch showcase was held in the Bentley Music Auditorium on the 11th of September. A wear-stripes-theme fits the “Between the Lines” album launch perfectly!

Before the showcase, the audience was treated to supporting acts. We first saw Narmi on stage belting out soothing songs accompanied by samba-like drums. Tenderfist was up next performing three to 220-802 four songs (interesting music arrangement), I never kept track because of one reason: the digital percussionist. He looked like he was having the time of his life, forgetting everything except him and his music, resulting to me having the time of my life observing his expressions! I checked them out on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/tenderfist?sk=info and they have bizarre names for their CompTIA 220-802 band members. Anyway I found out Napoleon Polarbear is the name of the digital percussionist. Funny!


Singer-songwriter (ah well, singer songwriter musician guitar player) Liyana Fizi recently previewed her solo debut album titled Between The Lines at Bentley Music. Recorded in Bandung, the album features 10 songs (+1 bonus song), sang in both English and Bahasa Malaysia.

The songs on the album are very acoustic-y and smooth, with a jazzy/lounge-ish feel to it. Very suitable for a rainy evening/night, or a relaxing drive around town. The album launch will be on the 11th of September 2011 and will be held at the Bentley Music Auditorium. Entrance is RM35 and you will get a CD as well! Double bang for your buck! For more information on the album launch, click here: http://www.lifeinkl.com/2011/08/25/liyana-fizi-showcases-%e2%80%98between-the-lines%e2%80%99/

Besides getting released in Malaysia and Indonesia, it has been picked up by a Japanese distributor and will also be released in Tokyo and Kobe! Let’s see if Liyana will actually fly over to Japan to promote her album!


LOUDNESS recently paid a visit to KL as part of it’s 30th anniversary celebration. Organised by Clockwork Events, the concert was held on the 24th of July at KL Live, which, coincidentally was the same day as the MTV World Stage event (held i-City this year). This was not a problem at all, because the LOUDNESS fans won’t be going anywhere near i-City on that day anyway.

They thronged and packed the venue as early as 5pm, and soon, there was a group of big bikes parked in front of the venue (mostly those Harley kinda bikes, but there were some touring bikes as well). Distance did not discourage the, as fans from Perlis and Johor Bahru (as well as those from neighboring states) came all the way just to attend the concert.


A very familiar name to gig-goers, Pesawat, has finally launched their debut album, titled Take Off on the 14th of July. The album launch took place at a very interesting venue, which was at the YES Flagship store at Lot 10 Shopping Center.

After 3 years of gigging and performing at many concerts around Malaysia, the Pesawat boys have gathered their material from their very first single, Mirage and put them together in a nicely packaged album. According to them, they are shaping and branding themselves around an ‘aircraft’ theme, as with their aircraft-inspired band name – Pesawat.


Yo, Listen up! Korean pop music continues its onward march! The famous Korean boyband U-KISS (which stands for Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star) were in town recently to promote their newest album “Bran New KISS”. By the way, the “yo, listen up!” part is actually the intro to their newest single, “0330” – I wasn’t just trying to be cool or anything like that.

The boys held a press conference at the Sri Hartamas branch of the Daorae and despite their hectic schedules, the guys were pretty upbeat.


NH Colla Plus arrives at a new milestone by partnering Hong Kong artiste Joey Yung. Popular internationally and successful particularly in Asian regions, Joey was selected to be the brand ambassador for her innate beauty, inside and out. Her flawless skin and vivacious personality are what modern women desire, and in that area, Joey is truly aspirational.

NH Colla Plus suits Joey’s busy lifestyle. Constantly on-the-move for shows, concerts and exposed to free radicals in the environment, Joey demonstrates to the modern woman that beauty is attainable and easy with NH Colla Plus.


Andy Peterson, in conjunction with Homegrown Space, held a mini-gig, workshop and listening session at Wisma Bentley last 28th May 2011.

Andy Peterson, as some of you might or might not know, is a ferocious bass player. He is also one of the top (if not one of the best) bassist in Asia, having performed with and recorded for major artists and musicians all around the world. During the workshop, he showcased his skill and speed and also offered tips on how to improve your bass playing skills.

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