The White Shoes & The Couples Company were back again on the 9th of November 2011, this time at MAP KL in a more personal gig to promote their latest album, titled Album Vakansi. The event was organised by the very hardworking team at Pekan Frinjan.

This is the second time that The White Shoes & The Couples Company are playing in Kuala Lumpur. The first one was around 2-3 years ago at the XPAX Concert at the Sungei Wang/BB Plaza rooftop.

It didn’t really bode well that the event started slight more than an hour later than the stipulated 8pm, given that the fact that it was a working day the next day. Anyways, the mega-populated band, Tilu kick started the event that night with a very energetic performance, warming up the crowd, especially after their long wait.

Of course, there were some instrument-destruction chaos just after they ended their set that night.

French-based, electro/ambient/experimental band, Saycet was also touring Asia at that period so they were roped in as one of the opening acts that night.

Overall, their performance wasn’t really that stunning, as it was a little bit too slow and uninteresting, not to mention the lack of interaction with the audience.

Right after Saycet finished their set and having some CDs given out to lucky winners, White Shoes and The Couples Company strutted onto the stage, receiving a very warm welcome applause from the crowd.

As per their retro-styled songs, the band members donned 60/70-ish era retro outfits, accessories and hairstyles. Very good attention to detail to make the whole overall retro-concert experience a complete one.

To satisfy the fans, they mixed half their set list with songs from their previous album and EP, and some tracks from their new Album Vakansi album. No doubt, the crowd sang along with their more popular songs such as Windu & Defrina, Senandung Maaf and Tentang Cita.

Miss Sari dancing and swaying to the music

On a final note, it was really good to see them playing and performing live again in Malaysia and the reception to this gig was really good as ticket sales were superb (and unexpected), according to Zulhabri of Pekan Frinjan. It is really exciting to have bands like this bringing back retro 60’s style music to the 21st century.


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