Liyana Fizi‘s album launch showcase was held in the Bentley Music Auditorium on the 11th of September. A wear-stripes-theme fits the “Between the Lines” album launch perfectly!

Before the showcase, the audience was treated to supporting acts. We first saw Narmi on stage belting out soothing songs accompanied by samba-like drums. Tenderfist was up next performing three to 220-802 four songs (interesting music arrangement), I never kept track because of one reason: the digital percussionist. He looked like he was having the time of his life, forgetting everything except him and his music, resulting to me having the time of my life observing his expressions! I checked them out on Facebook and they have bizarre names for their CompTIA 220-802 band members. Anyway I found out Napoleon Polarbear is the name of the digital percussionist. Funny!

Then came the reason we were there: Liyana Fizi in a sweet striped dress. She looked sweet the whole night and totally looks younger than her age. I like her bangs! Listening to her songs live was definitely better than through PC speakers; the guitar parts felt enhanced multiple times. I particularly enjoyed “Blindfold”, the rich multi-layer introduction totally caught my attention. I also liked that Liyana gave short explanations of her songs’ meanings before belting them out. “Blindfold” is about saying sorry albeit egoistically. Another song, “Jatuh” is the feeling of about-to-fall-in-love, the warmth of the song melted me.

There was also a showcase of live art projection on the stage curtains. So when Liyana entered the stage, she was actually behind opaque stage curtains. While she performed behind the curtains, art projections were also on-going, following the songs’ tempo. A thing to note about Bentley is that the auditorium is cold and the audience is sprawled out on the carpeted floor. Nice, informal, comfy setting. The cold temperature was great for the audience but I’m not so sure about the singers’ voices, won’t they be affected?

Check out the projection video here:

Overall, I’ve had an enjoyable time during the showcase, from Narmi, to Tenderfist and Liyana Fizi herself! Thumbs up for the organisers!

The long queue waiting to get Liyana’s autograph!

Event coverage written by -signedtess-


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