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After 3 long years of gigging and recording, Pesawat finally managed to get all their tracks recorded and mixed into an album. Their debut album, aptly titled Take Off, was launched at Lot 10 2 months back. The album features 13 songs, of which half of it is sung in Bahasa Malaysia and the other half is sung in English.

The album opens up with the captain speaking on the intro track, ‘Take Off’, and you will be brought ears-first, into Pesawat’s style of music with Brand New Day. It has all the characteristics of a ‘Pesawat song’. Catchy intro, feet tapping and hand clapping beat, and then Jipie’s signature singing style. Excuse Me is another song, which will make you tap your feet, or jump to the beat, very ‘The Killers‘ kinda feel mixed in with Pesawat’s musical style.

As I scrolled through the tracks of “Take Off“, I noted that they all seem to have a build-up of the starting tune. Almost all of the tracks’ introduction are gradually added layers of other instruments accompanying the start up tune. Super harmonious. One of the best characteristics of Pesawat tracks is the perfect mesh of guitar, drums and an instrument that replaces the percussion.

Turbulence is one of the more musical songs in the album, with a variety of instruments layering the sound scape. It’s part dreamy, part rock-ish. Sounds like one of the songs from Laila’s Lounge EP.

And now, halfway throughout the album, lies all the heavy hitters! My favorite song from Pesawat is “Mirage“. Mirage is one of Pesawat’s very first singles and I’m sure most of you have already heard Mirage, either through radio or by catching them at concerts/gigs. The harmoniously-arranged guitar chords (and also singing) as well as its unmistakable tune is what makes Mirage my favorite songs on the album.

While all the tracks have upbeat music, “Rapuh” stands out due to its melancholic tune, focusing more on the vocals and lyrics. This song does not neglect harmonizing as well, the back-up singers harmonizes with the lead vocals in the chorus. If you haven’t already noticed, most of the songs on the album are titled in an ‘airplane’ theme, which really fits the band’s name, Pesawat (aptly meaning ‘Carrier’ in English).

And then comes Rasional Emosional, which, as the song suggest, has a ‘emo’, or melodramatic tune to it. But fret not, the song is not a slow one, and you can no doubt singalong to it once you get the lyrics stuck in your head.

On a final note, “Take Off” offers a wide display of upbeat instrumental tunes; and a soothing, jiwang tune that stands out. My favourite three is “Bingit“, “Mirage” and “Rasional Emosional“! Look out for their Twisties (the snack food label) tune as well. Listeners are also treated to an untitled hidden Raya track. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri folks!

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