October 2011


After 3 long years of gigging and recording, Pesawat finally managed to get all their tracks recorded and mixed into an album. Their debut album, aptly titled Take Off, was launched at Lot 10 2 months back. The album features 13 songs, of which half of it is sung in Bahasa Malaysia and the other half is sung in English.

The album opens up with the captain speaking on the intro track, ‘Take Off’, and you will be brought ears-first, into Pesawat’s style of music with Brand New Day. It has all the characteristics of a ‘Pesawat song’. Catchy intro, feet tapping and hand clapping beat, and then Jipie’s signature singing style. Excuse Me is another song, which will make you tap your feet, or jump to the beat, very ‘The Killers‘ kinda feel mixed in with Pesawat’s musical style.

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!