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LOUDNESS recently paid a visit to KL as part of it’s 30th anniversary celebration. Organised by Clockwork Events, the concert was held on the 24th of July at KL Live, which, coincidentally was the same day as the MTV World Stage event (held i-City this year). This was not a problem at all, because the LOUDNESS fans won’t be going anywhere near i-City on that day anyway.

They thronged and packed the venue as early as 5pm, and soon, there was a group of big bikes parked in front of the venue (mostly those Harley kinda bikes, but there were some touring bikes as well). Distance did not discourage the, as fans from Perlis and Johor Bahru (as well as those from neighboring states) came all the way just to attend the concert.

The fans wasted no time procuring the merchandise available on sale, and by the time I wanted to get my hands on a ‘M’ sized t-shirt, there was none left, bummer. Inside the venue, eager fans already booked the first few rows. The show started just a little later than 5pm with the first opening band, SHEWOLVES.

The second opening band, SATIRA continued the show, and then SOFEA, the crowd favorite finished off things before the break for prayers and dinner.

LOUDNESS came on stage and start the show for the night at about 8pm, with the enthusiastic and evidently happy looking Minoru greeted the crowd in easy to understand English.

I thought that Amy Search was going to be opening for LOUDNESS, but this wasn’t the case. He was featured as a cameo appearance, and came on stage to sing Shadow of War along with Minoru. In between songs, Akira took the opportunity to showcase and wow the crowd with his super fast licks and guitar shredding skills.

Among the other songs they played were Let It Go, So Lonely, Heavy Chains, Like Hell, S.D.I. and many others.

All in all they played about 17 songs and the crowd looked like they were extremely contented with the show. There’s something about this KL Live venue, as it forces the crowd together and closer to the stage and the artists, resulting in a more energetic and tight sounding show. The recent Incubus concert, which was held at Stadium Negara lacked in energy and punch, and I feel that it could be a tad tighter if it was held at KL Live (and also lowering the RM200 ticket price).


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