By now, I’m sure most of you out there will know who Liyana Fizi is. If you don’t, here’s a short one for you. Liyana Fizi is a female singer-songwriter who plays the guitar and sings jazzy, lounge and acoustic music with a tinge of bossa-nova. With a very sweet voice to go with it as well.

She was the ex-frontwoman of the now-defunct band, Estrella, which had quite a heavy following in the local music scene when they were around a couple of years back. They also managed to release a self-titled debut album with quite a couple of hits including Stay and Ternyata, among others.

They were so popular that a ‘club’ called KNUKE (Kugiran Negara ke UK Enterprise) was formed to bring Estrella over to UK to perform for Malaysian students (and also to the rest of the public) who were studying at various universities around there.

So. After going solo on her own, she still carried the vibe around with her and is still going strong performing at various places, both locally and internationally, including Rock The World, Urbanscapes, at No Black Tie, at Dewan Filharmonik – Petronas, and at various indie rock gigs/concerts/events.

After two years of gigging, performing and recording, ‘Between The Lines‘ is finally completed and will be launched at the launch party this coming September 11th at Bentley Music. The album has a total of ten songs of which will feature her hit singles Light Writing, Jatuh and Last Notice.

Preview the tracks:

Light Writing:


Be sure to check out the launch party! More info here or visit the Facebook Page:


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