U-Kiss @ Daorae

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Yo, Listen up! Korean pop music continues its onward march! The famous Korean boyband U-KISS (which stands for Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star) were in town recently to promote their newest album “Bran New KISS”. By the way, the “yo, listen up!” part is actually the intro to their newest single, “0330” – I wasn’t just trying to be cool or anything like that.

The boys held a press conference at the Sri Hartamas branch of the Daorae and despite their hectic schedules, the guys were pretty upbeat.

They talked about their latest album and about their love for spicy Malaysian food. One of them specifically mentioned that he liked satay, much to the delight of the crowd.

After the Q&A session, the guys posed for a few pictures before departing to prepare for their album showcase at Pavilion later on that evening.

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