NH Colla Plus + Jeoy Yung

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NH Colla Plus arrives at a new milestone by partnering Hong Kong artiste Joey Yung. Popular internationally and successful particularly in Asian regions, Joey was selected to be the brand ambassador for her innate beauty, inside and out. Her flawless skin and vivacious personality are what modern women desire, and in that area, Joey is truly aspirational.

NH Colla Plus suits Joey’s busy lifestyle. Constantly on-the-move for shows, concerts and exposed to free radicals in the environment, Joey demonstrates to the modern woman that beauty is attainable and easy with NH Colla Plus.

NH Colla Plus is the leading collagen beauty drink and a proud Malaysian brand. With Joey as the ambassador, this momentous occasion signals the start of this outstanding product going international.

This collagen beauty drink helps protect and improve the condition of skin with its many skin-beautifying nutrients – potent antioxidants from red grape juice, 5000mg of collagen (in every bottle) as well as Vitamin C. It further contains 17 types of essential and non-essential amino acids to help improve and refine skin texture.


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