Up Close with Andy Peterson

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Andy Peterson, in conjunction with Homegrown Space, held a mini-gig, workshop and listening session at Wisma Bentley last 28th May 2011.

Andy Peterson, as some of you might or might not know, is a ferocious bass player. He is also one of the top (if not one of the best) bassist in Asia, having performed with and recorded for major artists and musicians all around the world. During the workshop, he showcased his skill and speed and also offered tips on how to improve your bass playing skills.

He also recently launched a new album, under the A.P.I. moniker (Andy Peterson Independent) titled Anusha (which is also the name of his first daughter). The album is a fusion of Indian music together with Andy’s bass licks. I would say that it is a very fast album, capable of making your heart beat faster just to keep up with the pace of the songs.

The songs themselves are very layered and textured. It could get a little tiring as the speed and technicality is just too insane, so take it easy. After multiple listenings, you will somehow pick up instruments or sounds that you have missed out previously, especially if you have good quality headphones/speakers.

I’m not sure where to get the album, but it costs just RM20.

-Photos courtesy of Dave Singh Studio (www.davesinghstudio.com)


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