Jaz Fresh Lychee Launch

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Napex Brewery launched it’s new product, the Jaz Fresh Lychee Beer on the 27th of May 2011 at Saloon 17, Sunway Giza. The new flavor of beer is a fusion which offers the fragrant aroma of sweet ripened lychee that is surprisingly smooth and refreshing with a silky texture. The beer was launched by Napex Brewery Sdn Bhd’s Chief Operations Officer Mr. Leslie Chng and Ms. Gillian Chung.

Jaz Fresh Lychee is meticulously brewed from only the finest imported natural ingredients under stringent quality control preserve the natural goodness and freshness of beer. Jaz Fresh Lychee is an unfiltered and unpasteurized nutritious Fresh beer with a strict 7-day shelf life policy, a characteristically natural cloudy appearance and a crisp taste of freshness. It is served straight from the keg and is best consumed at 3Âșcelcius.

Jaz Brand Ambassador, Ms. Gillian Chung was also at the launch where did a special performance after the launching ceremony. A stage was erected at the main concourse of Sunway Giza and there were other performances besides the main attraction, Gillian Chung herself. Evident at the event was Gillian’s fans, who came prepared with placards. They went screaming when Gillian announced that she will be coming back to Malaysia as part of TWINS for a concert.


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