Justin Bieber Live in KL

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“Ahhhhh! Justin Bieber!!!!”, the screams that are still ringing in my ear. Yes after over a week from Justin Bieber’s concert and my ears are still recovering from the trauma. I am not ashamed to admit that I anticipated his concert amidst my un-tender age of 25 turning 26.

So how was it? It wasn’t too bad but it could be better. Imagine battling the jam of over an hour from Mid Valley towards Stadium Merdeka, arriving in drizzling rain and enduring screams by girls who prefer to listen to themselves over Bieber’s singing to find that he performed in only an hour (if not less).

Mizz Nina had the honours of performing as the opening act, and to my delight, everyone was singing along to her hit song, ‘What You Waiting For‘. After about a 45 minute delay, the stage was set, and Justin Bieber came on stage to the delight of 12,000 screaming fans and started the night with ‘Love Me‘.

As with his previous concerts, during the song ‘One Less Lonely Girl‘, a very, very, very lucky girl was picked from the crowd to join Bieber on stage. There was also the Michael Jackson medley before going into the song, ‘Walk This Way‘. No points for guessing which was the encore song. And yes, it’s ‘Baby‘ of course.

So, when it ended everyone was like, “Huh, that’s it?”. However, I heard that the reason it ended earlier than expected was due to the fact that Bieber wasn’t feeling well/ under the weather. Hence his voice was affected. I wasn’t accusing but I swear I caught him lip-synching in one of the songs, either ‘Somebody to Love’ or ‘Never Say Never’. Guess we will never know unless someone video-recorded it.

I like his new haircut but I was a little disappointed that he couldn’t dance as well as I imagined. However his dancers were pretty good. For VIPs who paid their a** off to satisfy Bieber Fever, I hope you guys are happy with his performance that night. As for me I had cured mine (Bieber Fever) but the very next day, I had a new fever, like LITERALLY due to the rain. Lets just hope my ear drums are still as elastic as it used to be.

Thank you, screaming girls!

– The Justin Bieber My World Tour In Malaysia was organised by Midas Promotions, in collaboration with JS Concert Productions, Fat Boys and Tune Tones with Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid as the presenting sponsor.


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