Bo (Bo Amir Iqram in full), or in this article’s sense, in his moniker, Bedroom Sanctuary (he goes by a lot of other names such as Mr. Fluff, Cosmicspacemunkys, and also plays in bands such as Seven and That Band) has a nice, deep voice for jiwang songs. I first heard his song “Pulanglah” in a Coffee Mate commercial video last year (more on that later) and loved the song feature eversince. So naturally, when I had the opportunity to review his sophomore release titled I Can’t Draw So I Sing, I jumped at the chance.

My (Malaysia)” captures the essence of life in Klang Valley with a mention of SS2 (for food). The language used in this song is more simplified with hints of our local accent. “Shorty 2” is an interesting one. The introduction is just two lines and from then it is taken over by a cute carnival-like mix. The song is probably named “Shorty” because it is just a little over a minute’s length. “Hapus” is a little funky. It sounds like there’s a secret upbeat track after the first slow mellow melody part.

Ten Again” depicts a ‘9 to 5′-er who wishes to be 10 years old again; cute lines! Bo can sing in mandarin as well; “Wo De Hua Yu Ge” (which translates to “My Mandarin Song” in English) is a love song to a sweetheart. It is a great job compared to M2M’s “Pretty Boy” in Mandarin; Bo’s clear pronounciation enabled Mandarin-understanding listeners to capture the meaning right away, whereas M2M’s Mandarin pronounciation slacked slightly.

If you prefer a sample of his songs via a short movie, check this Coffee Mate commercial at which I mentioned earlier.

Three of Bo’s songs were entwined in this commercial perfectly. These songs, entitled “Lagu“, “Gadis“, and “Pulanglah” were featured into the storyline complementarily. I especially loved “Pulanglah”. Bo had a major contribution in this 30-minute short movie, there are some songs which he did but I couldn’t identify it from Bedroom Sanctuary, could it be in another album then?

Overall, I found Bedroom Sanctuary original in terms of lyrics and musical arrangement. The songs are all written and produced by Bo himself and its a varied mix of mellow (ala “Pulanglah”), upbeat (ala “Shorty 2″, “Lagu”) and fundamentals (ala “My (Malaysia)”). Sweet!

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  1. taera - February 24, 2012 / 9:49 pm

    where can i get the album?


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