May 2011


“Ahhhhh! Justin Bieber!!!!”, the screams that are still ringing in my ear. Yes after over a week from Justin Bieber’s concert and my ears are still recovering from the trauma. I am not ashamed to admit that I anticipated his concert amidst my un-tender age of 25 turning 26.

So how was it? It wasn’t too bad but it could be better. Imagine battling the jam of over an hour from Mid Valley towards Stadium Merdeka, arriving in drizzling rain and enduring screams by girls who prefer to listen to themselves over Bieber’s singing to find that he performed in only an hour (if not less).


Incubus Live in KL 2011

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With their latest album scheduled for worldwide release on 12 July, Malaysian fans will be among the first to be thrilled ‘live’ with their latest songs as alternative rock act Incubus slides down to Kuala Lumpur for a concert at Stadium Negara on 23 July 2011.

The concert is organized by Pineapple Concerts and presented by Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid. This will be Incubus’ third outing in Malaysia after their sold-out performances here in 2004 and 2008.

The band from California, USA gave the local media more updates through a ‘live’ video conferencing specially arranged by the presenting sponsor Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid here today. Incubus’ lead guitarist and co-founder Mike Einziger spent about 30 minutes addressing questions from the media.


Bo (Bo Amir Iqram in full), or in this article’s sense, in his moniker, Bedroom Sanctuary (he goes by a lot of other names such as Mr. Fluff, Cosmicspacemunkys, and also plays in bands such as Seven and That Band) has a nice, deep voice for jiwang songs. I first heard his song “Pulanglah” in a Coffee Mate commercial video last year (more on that later) and loved the song feature eversince. So naturally, when I had the opportunity to review his sophomore release titled I Can’t Draw So I Sing, I jumped at the chance.

My (Malaysia)” captures the essence of life in Klang Valley with a mention of SS2 (for food). The language used in this song is more simplified with hints of our local accent. “Shorty 2” is an interesting one. The introduction is just two lines and from then it is taken over by a cute carnival-like mix. The song is probably named “Shorty” because it is just a little over a minute’s length. “Hapus” is a little funky. It sounds like there’s a secret upbeat track after the first slow mellow melody part.


Bottlesmoker ( has just released another album, titled Let’s Die Together In 2012 (B-side Rarities), which consists of songs left out from their previous albums as well as songs that well, which didn’t make the cut and as well as songs that didn’t have the master copies because they were lost.

If you guys don’t already know, Bottlesmoker is a duo from Bandung who plays some very interesting eletronic-pop-8-bit-instrumental music, using some of the most unusual instruments and musical toys around. Check out They had just recently completed their 2011 Asian tour, which took them to places such as the Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and of course their homeland, Indonesia.

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