Yuna – Decorate Album Review

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Yuna’s debut album, Decorate was one of the better local albums released last year (she has released an EP before this, containing the ever so popular hit song, Dan Sebenarnya). If you missed out on the album launch held at KL PAC last year (which was a full house affair), fret not, we have covered it and you can read it here http://www.lifeinkl.com/2010/08/13/yuna-decorate-album-launch/. There’s 10 tracks on the album, of which consists of a healthy mix of both English and Bahasa Malaysia songs. Speaking of which, the English and BM songs somehow feel like they alternate between each other on the album.

The album starts with Gadis Semasa, which gives you a glimpse of her vocal prowess. One thing I like about this song is the noticeable build up of pace and mood in the song which is very well arranged. The second track, These Streets has an interesting atmosphere to it, suiting its lyrics. The superb song composition shows again in Penakut, with a very, very good build up to the climax of the song, which, interestingly is 2/3rds into the song.

Fireworks have an interesting arrangement – the vocals are in major tone but the music is in minor and it is surprisingly complementary. My favourite is Random Awesome – the moment I heard it I thought that Yuna can definitely go international. Most of you all must have heard the track Super Something, as it is being used in the Libresse advertisements. It’s a very happy-go-lucky-song, with a very upbeat feel to it. One good track to listen to when starting your Monday mornings.

The original Dan Sebenarnya is not featured on the track listing but appears as a bonus track (or rather hidden a few minutes after Super Something). It comes in as an acoustic version and it sounds somewhat haunting but still rocks (in a non-metallic way). I am fascinated with guitars!

Overall, the album has a light and crisp style, her songs suit the office (please use your headphones!) environment, suitable to be played while pursuing reading activities as her songs offer smooth, relaxing tunes.


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