KL’s Monthly Music gig + Swap Meet

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DoppelgangerKL presents… KL’s Monthly Music gig + Swap Meet

Bring bring things things to swap swap, y’all! And we will have more RUME recycle bags made of long-lasting material sponsored by for next month!

We accept anything that is music or video games related, electronic gadgets that still work, guitars, guitar picks, original CDs especially local stuff, clothes accepted so long as you can link it to the t…heme, sunglasses, cool shoes, sneakers, ipods, ipads, iphones, phones, any other electronic goods in working condition.

Last month, someone swapped an old film CAMERA and took home a GUITAR! We also welcomed the folks from TUMBLR. So we invite you guys to come meet again. Or any other Meet.

RM10 entry charge applies if you have nothing to swap.

Free entry for performers & those who bring a minimum of 10 items to swap. Be a part of the Doppelganger REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE policy. Let’s do our part! Let’s meet to SWAP! Let’s go SHWOPPING!

1.00pm Registration
2.00pm Open Mic: The Great Metropolitan Expressway
2.15pm Open Mic
2.30pm Open Mic
2.45pm Open Mic
3.00pm Heart A Tack
3.30pm Crossing Boundaries www.
4.00pm Debbie Loh bieloh
4.30pm BeforeAfters
5.00pm Ariff AB
5.30pm Lightcraft


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