Reza Salleh – Realize Album Review

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The soothing vocals of Reza Salleh fills up my Friday rainy evening. Strong and calm at the same time, his songs (written and arranged by Reza Salleh himself) displayed a modern-country style with interesting unpredicatble tempo (as in Angan-angan Permata).

Most of this songs in his first album – Realize start with guitar tunes. Ocean Spanning Sorrow had a guitar intro as if testing suitable chords which reminds me of ‘Greenday – Time of Your Life‘. There were use of upbeat drums in 50 Down the Way and Rest & Relax. Angan-angan Permata displayed use of saxaphone at the end of the tune.

Overall Reza’s songs were able to mesh different instruments together into a seamless piece. His songs are mostly written about love but not like those sappy ballad style, rather they sound like what happens in real life. The 16 tracks in this album displayed different styles, possibly because they were a collection of songs written throughout the span of 10 years. His soothing vocals however, were consistent. My favourite song from this album is easily A Relic Is What I Live In – has a nice wavy tune!

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