March 5

KUALA LUMPUR: If someone had come up to me ten years ago and told me that Deftones would schedule a tour date here in Malaysia’s capital I would have dismissed the comment as ludicrous. So you could imagine my surprise when my cousin Aaron Camoens, told me that the greatest Nu-Metal band was coming to town. I knew that this was a once in a lifetime experience and decided that ticket prices would not be a deterrent and me along with my younger brother Abel, my cousins Aaron and Sonia decided that we would get the most expensive tickets at RM258 to enjoy a night of heavy metal moshing.

Fans rushing into the entrance when the gates are opened

The band was brought in courtesy of TuneTalk and was set to rock Kuala Lumpur on Valentine’s Day, making it one of the crazier Valentines dates anyone would opt for. I personally headed down to the concert believing that the band would kick the concert off with songs from their latest release, Diamond Eyes.

The wait outside KL Live, Jalan Sultan Ismail was long and tedious with many fans waiting in line for more than three hours just to get in for the show. By the time I had got into the venue, local alternative metal act Love Me Butch who had opened for Deftones was already playing their last song for the day, Reconcile, and I pushed my way through with Aaron, Abel and Sonia to make it into the rock zone just in front of the stage.

Another half hour went by as the roadies set up all the equipment before Chino and the gang took centre stage, and it was then when I noticed a roadie holding one of Stephen Carpenters new ESP 8-string guitars which he regularly utilised for Diamond Eyes.

The crowd went wild as Chino, Stephen, Abe, and the rest of the band came onto stage and would you believe it, they actually started the gig with one of their first songs Birthmark (the floor was literally vibrating as the crowd moshed against each other).

They continued with another old hit Engine No. 9 from their first album Adrenaline before heading into the Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) from their second album Around the Fur. Chino seemed relentless in his vocal bashing as he continued to croon in his trade mark razor sharp pitch My Own Summer (Shove It) which proved to be a crowd hit. They continued their ear drum annihilation with another oldie, Ihabia before going into the self titled track from their second album Around The Fur.

Chino then picked up his signature Gibson SG guitar and the crowd mellowed as he began the intro to Digital Bath from the bands third album White Pony followed by the energetic Knife Party (never once did Chino show signs that his voice was fatiguing).

Stephen then picked up one of his detuned seven string guitars and started the intro to their Self titled fourth album hit Hexagram followed by Minerva and Bloody Cape.The band literally never stopped and Stephen picked up his 8string guitar to perform Diamond Eyes and the sound that guitar resonates is unlike any other guitar I have heard before.  They continued with CMND/CTRL, Royal, Sextape, Rocket Skates, You’ve Seen the Butcher followed by Beauty School.

They didn’t forget to include songs from their Saturday Night Wrists album, playing Hole in the Earth followed by Kimdracula, before Chino picked up his Gibson SG again to wow the crowd with the sorrowful yet soulful rendition of Change (Into the house of flies),Passenger and Back to School (Mini Maggit). For encore, the band played their cover version of Sade’s No Ordinary Love, before going out with a bang with Root and 7 Words.

Overall even without the presence of bass guitarist Chi Cheng who is still in coma following an accident, the band has proven its ability to be a nu-metal force capable of reaching new heights in the musical arena. RM258 for a ticket, RM400 for the trip, but being wowed by 26 songs over the span of two hours, is definitely priceless.


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