Producer of sound for major games, Yoa Kian How is soon to be regarded as a key player in the industry of video games. The industry hero studied in Berklee College of Music and then worked at companies which include Namco Bandai; he went on to produce sound and music for big games.

Belted in with several major titles such as Splatterhouse (2010) (Voted “Goriest Game of 2010″), Test Drive Unlimited 2(2011) and the upcoming Spec Ops: The Line (2011), he is en route to garnering a reputation for himself in the video game scene.

Kian How has produced sound design and music for major world-renowned game studios and developers that are well known for releasing major titles. Companies he worked with include: Namco Bandai, CCP Games, 2K Games, Atari and Big Point. He has since covered popular game genres ranging from the likes of beat em’ up, first and third person shooters to racing and casual online games.

With the video game industry already surpassing the film industry in size over the recent years, he is set on being on the forefront of the ever-expansive realm of video game audio, having secured his position as a key player alongside those regarded as heroes in the industry.

Kian How is a professional composer/sound designer for video games. His involvement in the video game industry began when he co-produced the highly acclaimed VGO (Video Game Orchestra) whilst as a student at Berklee College of Music. To date, he has worked alongside some video game industry giants such as Jack Wall (Video Games Live), Gerard Marino (God of War) and Keith Zizza (Caesar IV). He currently works in Boston, Massachusetts at an award winning video game audio production facility: dSonic (Bioshock 1 & 2, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Brutal Legend, Farmville and more).

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