March 2011


DoppelgangerKL presents… KL’s Monthly Music gig + Swap Meet

Bring bring things things to swap swap, y’all! And we will have more RUME recycle bags made of long-lasting material sponsored by for next month!

We accept anything that is music or video games related, electronic gadgets that still work, guitars, guitar picks, original CDs especially local stuff, clothes accepted so long as you can link it to the t…heme, sunglasses, cool shoes, sneakers, ipods, ipads, iphones, phones, any other electronic goods in working condition.

Last month, someone swapped an old film CAMERA and took home a GUITAR! We also welcomed the folks from TUMBLR. So we invite you guys to come meet again. Or any other Meet.

RM10 entry charge applies if you have nothing to swap.

Free entry for performers & those who bring a minimum of 10 items to swap. Be a part of the Doppelganger REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE policy. Let’s do our part! Let’s meet to SWAP! Let’s go SHWOPPING!


The soothing vocals of Reza Salleh fills up my Friday rainy evening. Strong and calm at the same time, his songs (written and arranged by Reza Salleh himself) displayed a modern-country style with interesting unpredicatble tempo (as in Angan-angan Permata).

Most of this songs in his first album – Realize start with guitar tunes. Ocean Spanning Sorrow had a guitar intro as if testing suitable chords which reminds me of ‘Greenday – Time of Your Life‘. There were use of upbeat drums in 50 Down the Way and Rest & Relax. Angan-angan Permata displayed use of saxaphone at the end of the tune.


The upcoming Justin Bieber My World Tour in Malaysia in April will also be an opportunity for fans to contribute to charity.

In conjunction with the concert, the presenting sponsor Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid is on a mission to ‘Sponsor a Justin Bieber Fan’.

“We will work with a charitable organisation to share the joy and fun in watching Justin Bieber live with underprivileged kids. Interested parties will be able to take part by purchasing VVIP seats worth RM1,000 each that will go towards sponsoring 5 kids to attend the concert,” said Tune Talk CEO Jason Lo.

Promoted by Midas and JS Concerts and jointly organised by Tune Tones and Fat Boys, Justin Bieber My World Tour will be held on 21 April from 8.30 pm at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. Tickets are priced at RM498, RM358, RM288, RM188 and RM98 each.


March 5

KUALA LUMPUR: If someone had come up to me ten years ago and told me that Deftones would schedule a tour date here in Malaysia’s capital I would have dismissed the comment as ludicrous. So you could imagine my surprise when my cousin Aaron Camoens, told me that the greatest Nu-Metal band was coming to town. I knew that this was a once in a lifetime experience and decided that ticket prices would not be a deterrent and me along with my younger brother Abel, my cousins Aaron and Sonia decided that we would get the most expensive tickets at RM258 to enjoy a night of heavy metal moshing.

Fans rushing into the entrance when the gates are opened

The band was brought in courtesy of TuneTalk and was set to rock Kuala Lumpur on Valentine’s Day, making it one of the crazier Valentines dates anyone would opt for. I personally headed down to the concert believing that the band would kick the concert off with songs from their latest release, Diamond Eyes.


Producer of sound for major games, Yoa Kian How is soon to be regarded as a key player in the industry of video games. The industry hero studied in Berklee College of Music and then worked at companies which include Namco Bandai; he went on to produce sound and music for big games.

Belted in with several major titles such as Splatterhouse (2010) (Voted “Goriest Game of 2010″), Test Drive Unlimited 2(2011) and the upcoming Spec Ops: The Line (2011), he is en route to garnering a reputation for himself in the video game scene.

Kian How has produced sound design and music for major world-renowned game studios and developers that are well known for releasing major titles. Companies he worked with include: Namco Bandai, CCP Games, 2K Games, Atari and Big Point. He has since covered popular game genres ranging from the likes of beat em’ up, first and third person shooters to racing and casual online games.


Dance Punk Party 6

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Edisi 18 kami akan berkoloborasi bersama Kempen PerlembagaanKu/MyConstitution dan Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (Jom bangkit) untuk pra-lancar album ‘Radio Demokratika’ yang akan dilancarkan secara rasmi pada 2 April di acara RockRock MyConsti di Fort Cornwallis, Pulau Pinang

Tarikh: 5 Mac 2011, Sabtu
Tempat: Laman Menara Jam, Dataran Shah Alam
Masa: 5 petang – 12 tengah malam

Tentatif acara

5.00pm – Bazar oleh ‘Bijou Bazaar’ dan ‘Frinjan’ dibuka
8.45pm – Persembahan bermula
9.00pm – Pra-lancar album ‘Radio Demokratika’
9.15pm – Persembahan bersambung
12.00am – Tamat

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!