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The Tun Mahathir musical has played earlier last year, but due to popular demand it was brought back for a second season at Istana Budaya. The second seasons runs from 21-30 January. Information on ticket prices and where to get them are accessible at the official website

Anyway, the organizers were kind enough to give us some pretty excellent seats. The Panggung Sari at Istana Budaya isn’t very big and we had seats right in middle of the center aisle. Great view and we were also acoustically well positioned.

As for the show, it was on the whole pretty decent, but it fell short of my expectations. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoyed ourselves, and there were part of the show I really liked, however I felt that there were a few things that prevented it from being a much better show. But let’s start with the positives first.

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!