Rock The World 10

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Everyone certainly remembered last-last year’s Rock The World (held on 26th December 2009) as a really wet one as it was pouring throughout afternoon, before finally stopping for good in the evening. Rock The World 10, fortunately, was a super dry and hot affair.

Rock The World 10 (organised by Fat Boys Productions) was held on the 26th of December 2010, which coincidentally was the same date as the Malaysia vs Indonesia AFC Suzuki Cup finals match. The concert was held at the car park just outside the stadium.

There were only 2 stages this time around (versus the 3 stages during the previous one), the Main Stage and the Indie Stage, with the Indie Stage being the smaller one of the two. In my opinion, a side-by-side stage setup would be much better (ala Sunburst), as the 2-stage affair would sometimes cause a viewer to miss out a performance due to clashing times.

Bands which played earlier in the afternoon were the likes of Dichi Michi, Grey Sky Morning, Skudap Skudip, Kyoto Protocol, Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob, Hello Is This The Band, Prema Yin, Car Cash Hearts, and Azlan & The Typewriter.

I don’t know whether it was due to the hot weather or the Malaysia vs Indonesia match, but the audience were a little lesser this year as compared to last year’s (even with the rain). The more popular bands such as Bunkface, Pop Shuvit, Love Me Butch, Deja Voodoo Spells, and Republic of Brickfields started playing during the evening slots.

As the match inside the stadium started, the crowd at RTW were also asked to stand up and sing the national anthem, ‘Negaraku‘, following the audience inside the stadium. And then we could hear the cheers from the stadium all night long, as Malaysia scored 3 goals against their opponents.

The bands who played during the night were the likes of SevenCollar T-shirt, The Pilgrims, Disagree, Stonebay, OAG, Bittersweet, One Buck Short, and Jason Lo. OAG got transferred over from the Indie Stage to the Main Stage but their performance was kinda ‘bleh‘. Radhi was slacking in their first song, Generasiku, and the band seemed a bit lacking in showmanship. Well, only Radhi and Fizul were the remaining members of OAG, the rest being sessionists/friends of the band.

It was quite sometime since I last saw Jason Lo performed live. There was a neat 10 year anniversary video shown, with pictures from Rock The World 1 all the way to Rock The World 9. Very nostalgic indeed. What a nice way to end Rock The World 10 with Jason Lo performing as the last act, playing his famous hit, Evening News.

This year’s Rock The World was a bit flat, due to the similar bands performing similar songs as last year.  So let’s hope Fat Boys mix it up a little bit for Rock The World 11, less stage confusion, and with a more dynamic band selection.

*SevenCollar T-Shirt did a great job to introduce their material their new album The Great Battle, and so did Bittersweet, with material from the upcoming album.

Fireworks as the night ended!!!


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