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Everyone certainly remembered last-last year’s Rock The World (held on 26th December 2009) as a really wet one as it was pouring throughout afternoon, before finally stopping for good in the evening. Rock The World 10, fortunately, was a super dry and hot affair.

Rock The World 10 (organised by Fat Boys Productions) was held on the 26th of December 2010, which coincidentally was the same date as the Malaysia vs Indonesia AFC Suzuki Cup finals match. The concert was held at the car park just outside the stadium.

There were only 2 stages this time around (versus the 3 stages during the previous one), the Main Stage and the Indie Stage, with the Indie Stage being the smaller one of the two. In my opinion, a side-by-side stage setup would be much better (ala Sunburst), as the 2-stage affair would sometimes cause a viewer to miss out a performance due to clashing times.

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