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Lim Kok Wing’s Year-end Fashion Extravaganza: Creativity in Motion

The Pavillion’s Cafe Stelle transformed into a fashion house using tables as makeshift catwalk. This event was a huge in-house incorporation between the schools in Lim Kok Wing (LKW) University of Creative Technology. The main theme features fashion designs by their School of Fashion and Retail Design students. The models were also in-house, with hairdo made by the students hailing from LKW Hair Design Lifestyle Academy. Singers trained in LKW Sound and Music Design Academy also entertained the crowd with 5 to 6 songs – one memorable one was Simply the Best (originally sung by Tina Turner).

True to LKW theme, most attendees came in black colored attire. Also not surprising, most of the pieces featured were black-based, except for two pieces – the Egyptian-themed pieces had full blast color i.e. teal and red. The first set of pieces was by LKW’s best designers across semesters. The set started off with uniform-themed pieces with sailors, police and pilot uniforms paraded by the models. Next in the set was African-themed with colorful headgears to lighten up the black-white foundation of the night. The aforementioned Egyptian theme pieces were also thrown into the mix.

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