INK & DRINK featuring Classie Tattoo

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YOU are invited to our weekly Ink & Drink nights at 8pm, every Wednesday this January starting tomorrow!

There’ll be HAPPY HOURS ALL NIGHT for the tattooed (or friends with one), and tribal-influenced belly dancing by Nanci the Bohemian Barbiedoll at 9pm! Careful, she might whoop out a sword outta nowhere.

Over the last 2 months, many have walked out of Palate Palette with fabulous tattoos inked live by Blackcat, Inked, Hustla Ink and Long&Hard. We love them to bits – the girls, the boys, the awesome tatts…

And now for the whole month of JANUARY, we are happy to feature CLASSIE TATTOO, a full service piercing and tattoo studio. The studio is a co-operative with 3 artists: Haiyuan from DaLian, China and 2 local artists Sam Kuok and Winson Ngu.

Expect free live tattoos in the coming weeks! More info to follow…


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