A Journey Through Time is a yearly watchmakers’ event held in the Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. This year hosted the 4th Journey Through Time, themed Time to Love and was held from 2nd – 11th December. The finale event was on the last day itself, although Delta Goodrem sang for the final 3 days of the exhibition.

*This week’s article is written by our guest writer, who goes by the pen name of signedtees.

A Journey Through Time (check out for more details) focuses on four divisions – couture, cuisine, entertainment and the appreciation of luxury timepieces. We were only there for the finale of this ten-day event and the day was still true to the focal points. The event was hosted by Yasmin Yusoff, looking stunning in a navy blue evening gown and I think she mentioned all her hairdo and spa were all done in Starhill Gallery.

The watches were displayed at the exhibition area on the ground floor, while the actual finale event was held at the Shook! restaurant, on the FEAST level.

The couture and timepieces were presented by female and male models – I particularly liked how they presented the ‘Active Lifestyle Watch’ nominees, the female models were suddenly wearing lighter-load evening gowns and holding the watches instead of wearing them.

I sat next to another girl on the media table and she mentioned a watch she and her guest loved – they came on the opening of the event too. They were in love with Van Cleef & Arpels (Pont des Amoureux) – well that’s what I felt anyway when they described the watched with such passionate detail – the minute hand is represented by a male figurine whilst a female figurine represents the hour hand and they meet to kiss at midnight! When I heard their description I joined them in hoping for this romantic-themed watch to win a prize and it did top the ‘Watch with Complications in Movement’ category. They cheered as if they were in the Van Cleef & Arpels team.

The guests were treated to a French fine dinner whereby many cutleries were used, all food goes with recommended wine, and five waiters wait at a ten-pax table (this is impressive). The food presentation was awesome. Ok obviously, this is my very first fine dining experience. I don’t usually have much comments on food taste (my friends think I tend to be alright with bland food) so I reserve my right to remain silent. Anyhow, I will probably never have a chance to eat something like this again might as well stuff them into my mouth. Still no comments. But the lamb was well matched with fresh oregano leaves. I was obsessed with a nicely designed food menu and it reminded us of Star Wars, from the logo to the colors to the font.

Delta Goodrem was invited to perform for the last three days of the event. I first knew her songs when she did a commercial for Australia Tourism (can’t remember which year) where she sang Beautiful Australia (A Different Light) and have been mesmerized with the commercial up till now. Listening to her live yesterday, I was just fixated at how she delivered her notes with power, how she played an instrument [either a guitar or the piano (a Kawai grand piano)] while singing and how when she sings, her audience will know which are her favorite parts because that is when it looks as if she is in a trance.

She truly looks like she was enjoying herself thoroughly on stage. We heard some new songs, a song from her older albums – Lost Without You, and differently-arranged Christmas songs too. She even got down to engage with the crowd at one point. Her pop-ish singing style in her earlier years has now been replaced by diva-ish vocals with a down-to-earth personality. This vocal transformation is well appreciated.

On another note, watch out for duty-free luxury goods from next year onwards and a proposed 6 km-span walkway connecting Starhill Gallery to other shopping malls and hotels in the vicinity. These were efforts made by the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia to increase its revenue from foreign exchange – as mentioned in the speeches by Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Francis Yeoh (Managing Director of YTL Corporation Berhad) and Dato’ Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen (Minister of Tourism Malaysia).

I was high from the wine, the music and the whole new dining experience. The event ended at 12 midnight, and it would really be great just to see the Van Cleef & Arpels (Pont des Amoureux) in action.


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